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Poet OmamaKidash on Sanitation and Deforestation

GHANAIAN POET, Omama Kidash, whose real name is Godwin Asare, has added his voice to the campaign against filth and deforestation in the country. He believes that going green and smelling good are keys to our basic survival. OmamaKidash is a poet, playwright, and teacher (Pentecost Senior High School, Koforidua). …

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We are our own vigilante groups

BY LINDA AKUBILA, STUDENT, GIJ VIGILANTISM refers to the situation where people “take the law into their own hands” in order to protect or advance their interests. In this way, all vigilantism is political because it always involves the use of (illegal) power against others who are perceived to be …

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A diverse and culturally rich African continent is bedrock for storytelling

BY YOLISA PHAHLE MORE THAN 1000 languages are spoken across the African continent and this diversity means we have great stories to tell. The time for African voices to receive the exposure and representation they deserve is now. Today, Africa has a population of 1.1 billion as well as the …

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Galaxy Int’l School holds ‘Science and Makers’ fair 2019

BY MUNTALLA INUSAH | THE 15TH edition of Galaxy International School’s ‘Science and Makers’ fair has been held with a call on the students to ask more questions in order for them to discover new things. The annual event on the school’s academic calendar is meant to encourage the …

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Full text: Akufo-Addo’s 2019 State of the Nation Address

Mr Speaker, I am glad to be here with you again in this august House, the Parliament of our Republic, to perform, for the third time, the pleasant duty of fulfilling my constitutional obligation, by giving Honourable Members and the Ghanaian people a message on the state of the nation. …

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Health and safety requirements in public and private hospitals:Achimota hospital in perspective

BY PHILIP NANA ASANTE AN INTERNATIONAL LabourOrganisation (ILO) global statistical report saysthere are about 270 million occupational accidents as well as 160 million occupational diseases recorded every year, while around two million deaths occur every year through occupational accidents and diseases. It is morally, legally and economically right for employers …

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EU should adopt more flexible visa regimes with Africa

By Dr Stephen Adaawen European Union (EU) STATES should adopt more flexible visa regimes and effective migration partnerships with African countries in addressing the challenge of irregular migration from Africa. The UN Agenda 2030 and the Global Compact for Migration have all emphasized the need for safe, orderly and regular …

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Deforestation is a risk to Africa’s natural resources – TFA 2020

DEFORESTATION IS contributing irrefutably to climate change, putting natural resources and livelihoods at risk. With two years left to deliver on the goal of zero commodity-driven deforestation by 2020, delegates from the private sector, governments, civil society and academia were reminded last week in Ghana’s capital, Accra, of the need …

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The power of imagination

BY ABUNDANT ROBERT K. AWOLUGUTU What the mind can conceive and believe and the heart desire, you can achieve -Norman Vincent Peale, American Minister and author. IMAGINATION IS a powerful tool of manifestation. Ifeanyi A. C. Eze wrote: “It is the depth of your insight that ultimately determines the height …

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Public agitated over ‘no show’ of retrieving alleged stolen monies

  BY NANA BRAN OKAE II THE GHANAIAN public is openly unhappy about the apparent ‘no show’ by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in bringing to book appointees who have been fingered as having dipped their hands into the nation’s kitty and taken huge chunks away for their selfish …

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