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Desire fuels our search for the best in life

A woman drunk after taking too much alcohol

ABUNDANT ROBERT AWOLUGUTU DESIRE IS the secret weapon of achievers. When we desire something, we long or yearn for it. It is a powerful force and it is behind all achievement and all success. Without desire there will be no action. Our desire for something means that something already exists. …

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Cocoa farmers rejected Mahama for deceiving them

Farmers harvesting their cocoa

NANA BRAM OKAE II IT MAY not have struck you but you may be well informed that all the major cocoa-growing areas in Ghana ‘conspired’, so to speak, and voted against former President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress at the polls last December. That cocoa farmers rejected President Mahama …

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Elizabeth Ohene writes: Hello and goodbye

Elizabeth Ohene

ELIZABETH OHENE THERE ARE many things I want to write about today. The vetting by Parliament of nominated Ministers of State, the one-upmanship of the committee members is very much in your face. It does seem we must give them a crash course on how to conduct interviews to get …

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Gambia: A lesson for African dictators

Yahya Jammeh, Former Gambian President

SOON AFTER the peaceful transition of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump in the US, Gambia’s crisis was also resolved without a single gunshot. The embattled President Yahya Jammeh appeared on national TV announcing his decision “to relinquish the mantle of leadership.” Jammeh’s decision to step down was not …

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Competent appointees required, not babies with sharp teeth and school drop-outs

Senior Minister-designate, Yaw Osafo Maafo

NANA BRAM OKAE II I ADVISED the Mills/Mahama government in 2009 when I observed that they were putting square pegs in round holes by way of appointments, to be careful. I cautioned that running a government was a serious business so they should be careful about who they put in …

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Deadly voyages and the UN race against the tide

A little girl is plucked to safety by the Turkish coastguard after the migrant boat she was travelling in capsized off the coast of Turkey en route to Greece

As the world is experiencing the second biggest mass movement of people since the end of the second world war, Alhassan Yushau gives a personal narrative to the increasing rate at which desperate immigrants get “eaten up” by the sea—while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea or Panama Canal to …

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The tribute Komla Dumor wrote about himself

Komla Dumor, late broadcaster

FOR A moment, I thought the priest moderating the burial service had made a mistake. So I waited to hear the correction. But it never came. Like many who were yet to get copies of the programme, I was depending on the priest to know the schedule and what was …

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A leader must set good example

A leader must not underestimate the power of his actions. What he does can have a huge impact on the people around him. This can be positive or negative. If the staff imbibe wrong values from their leader, it will be bad for the company or business. It will be an enormous roadblock to its success

IN HIS book “How The Best Leaders Lead” Brian Tracy wrote, “Leadership is the single most important factor in the success or failure of a company or business.” I believe this is true. A leader must work with and through people to accomplish the vision for the organization. A huge …

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What Ghana can teach  UK about innovation and entrepreneurship

Photo file

THE NEW Year is always a time for reflection. Having now been back in the UK for just under three weeks, this particular New Year has inevitably provided the perfect headspace to reflect on my three months in Ghana and is a good time to think about what the UK …

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Declining poverty eradication among children need attention

Children, especially those from poor homes, need the school-feeding system to earn some nutrients to avoid stunted growth

PRISCILLA S. DJENTUH A REPORT by the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS6) carried nationwide in 18,000 households in 1,200 enumeration areas from October 2012 to October 2013 revealed that a quarter of Ghanaians are poor. The data further reveals that about 26 per cent of children from five years to …

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