Thursday , March 21 2019
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Concerns of judges must be addressed

YESTERDAY, THE issue of poor working conditions and salaries of lower court and district court magistrates reared its ugly head again. The judges, have time without number, complained about poor working conditions and meagre salaries and charged the government to do something about it. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be interested …

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Saluting women on Int’l Women’s Day

YESTERDAY, THE world marked International Women’s Day, a day celebrated on March 8 every year to champion the course of the rights of women. The date was suggested by the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference to become an International Women’s Day. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, …

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Teachers must monitor progress of each pupil

INCONSISTENCY IN policy implementation due to frequent political interference remains the biggest bane of Ghana’s educational system. Again, lack of adequate training for teachers, particularly, language instructors and shortage of teaching and learning materials are key challenges affecting academic work in both lower and upper primary schools. In some schools, …

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Hit-and-run must stop

NOBLE PRIZE winner and anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela once said “when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” It is also said that no one is born a criminal, but its society that makes …

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We should stop training students to answer exam questions

THE PRACTICE where students are trained to only pass examinations at the expense of total education is gradually leading to the churning out of graduates who are just good at answering question papers, but are brainless and unfit for the job market. Quality education involves the act or process of …

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Weeding as punishment affecting interest in agric

THE COMMON catchphrase -agriculture is the backbone of Ghana’s economy- has always been on the lips of major political players in the country. But, the political will and commitment to fully resource and overhaul the sector to take its rightful place in economic development have been disappointing. So sorry is …

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Fake cables are cheap but can burn your house

IT HAS become necessary for the government, through the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), to halt the huge importation of sub-standard or fake electrical cables into the country. Some of the obvious features of fake electrical cables are sub-standard insulation, reduced insulation thickness, reduced diameter of copper conductor, shorter length per …

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Ending sex trafficking in Ghana

BY EBAN CENTRE FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING STUDIES   SEX TRAFFICKING is a type of violence perpetrated on women that takes place in diverse settings and usually involves many different actors. It is an aspect of human trafficking that is becoming pandemic in society and possibly, the fastest growing human rights …

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Let’s stop polluting our rivers

FRIENDS OF Rivers and Water Bodies not long ago warned that Ghana may be forced to import water from other countries if nation wreckers are not stopped from polluting our water bodies, particularly, in the hinterlands. According to the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), from their research findings, almost all our water …

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‘Killing’ abuse cases must seize

The DAILY HERITAGE has on countless occasions exposed miscreants and social misfits who are in the habit of abusing minors and defiling girls in villages. Not long ago, a school girl was raped mercilessly in a village near Mamfe-Akuapem by a popular drinking spot operator. The man after the evil …

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