Friday , April 26 2019
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This tilapia ‘ban’ makes nonsense of the scientific method

BY CAMERON DUODU ON THE face of it, we should be grateful to the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development for acting so very fast to save us from the danger that it says threatens our food supply system through the “spread of Tilapia Lake Virus.” According to the Ministry …

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ECG officials who sell meters must be exposed

ACQUISITION OF Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) meters continues to be a major challenge to consumers because of the cumbersome nature of the processes for securing a meter. Many consumers have had cause to complain bitterly about the frustrations they go through to acquire a meter even when a valid …

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Govt must take a second look at Bonding laws

THE GENERAL concept of bonding students is to ensure that the State does not waste resources to train the needed human resource only to lose them to the private sector or other agencies after the students have completed their programmes of study.   In the teaching profession for instance, students …

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Nurses, doctors do not manufacture beds

BY ABDUL-JALIL ABDULAI   ONCE AGAIN Ghana woke up to a sad news of the passing on of a 70-year-old Ghanaian after an inability to admit him in seven hospitals in Accra for reason of “no bed”. This is indeed an unfortunate occurrence hence I extend my condolence to the …

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Editorial Govt must speed up roadmap to lift ban on small- scale mining

THE PRESIDENT, Nana AddoDankwa Akufo-Addo has said a roadmap would soon be announced by his government to lift the ban placed on small-scale mining in the country. According to the President, the ban enforced a year ago was a temporary measure to deal with illegal mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey’, …

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All must be sanitation ambassadors

FOR THOSE who have been victims of the dirty nature of some parts of Accra, a call by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on all to play a role in making Accra a clean city would be very welcome.   Due to uncultured habits, some parts of the capital get …

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I wrote three times about goings-on in the GFA but to no avail

BY NANA BRAM OKAI II IT SEEMS members of the erstwhile Ghana Football Association (GFA) are deaf and dumb; they see nothing and they hear nothing; they only listen to their egos. But our elders say that if a child fails to listen to advice he gets his fingers burnt …

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Employees must report employers who don’t pay pension contributions

FOR FEAR of being made out and victimised in work places, some Ghanaian workers remain silent when they are being cheated by their employers. Series of stories published by the DAILY HERITAGE on abuses in work places revealed how some employers fleeced their workers by not only paying them peanuts, …

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Killing in the name of ‘no bed’ must stop

GHANAIANS HAVE over the years complained bitterly about the inhuman practice of turning away dying patients because ‘there is no bed’ in one hospital or the other. This wicked practice has led to the loss of many lives and will continue to claim lives if nothing is done to turn …

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Saving our river bodies

FRIENDS OF Rivers and Water Bodies not long ago warned that Ghana risk importing water from other countries if we continue the rampant pollution of our water bodies, particularly, in villages. According to the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), from their research findings, almost all our water bodies across the country are …

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