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Short story for kids Why Spider has a bald head


ONE AFTERNOON, after Mr spider (Ananse) had enjoyed his lunch, he sat down in his yard to relax. His lunch had been particularly nice, so soon enough he snoozed off into a slumber, and sat there snoring: nrrrroorrroogh! nrrrroorrrroogh! nrrroorrrooogh!

Suddenly there came the sound of someone knocking on the door, and this woke him up. Mr Spider opened the door, and there he saw Nana Petra. Spider said: “Eeh, Nana Petra, you are welcome! It’s a long time since you called to see me.”

He took his visitor inside the house, and offered him everything he needed as a visitor. Mr Spider asked Nana Petra: “My brother, may I know your intention of coming here at this crucial hour?”

Nana Petra paused for some time, then spoke solemnly: “Hmmm, it is sad news I bring you, brother Spider.” Hearing this, Mr Spider became confused and asked: “What is this sad news that you bring, Nana Petra?”

Nana Petra continued: “Your majesty, Mr Spider, I am very sorry to announce to you the death of my father, Eja Mimou.” Now as Nana Petra was Ananse’s brother-in-law, this made Eja Mimou his father-in-law. When Ananse heard the news, he could hardly believe it. So he asked his brother-in-law again: “Nana Petra, are you joking or are you serious?” Nana Petra assured him that he was not joking, and eventually Ananse understood that his dear father-in-law was no more. To be continued.


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