Thursday , March 21 2019
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Shared Pain Is Gain


  1. Hearts melted, ones of ice.

All solidity,  broken but in guise.

Minds and souls drowned

Out of sorrows grand,

For the very much dreaded misdeed.


  1. Eyes locked in embrace,

Turning  not to the right or left.

Legs moving void of grace.

Nemesis it was, ourselves we had to brace

T’was ours to dine and share

In the sumptuous meal all sour.


  1. Presence of the price was here.

With all hands held as in a circle,

Strengths put together did the magic.

For though it was tough and burdensome,

It hurt much less, all for the beauty of sharing.

In the end we stood tall with glowing Identity.



“Two heads are better than one,” they say. Most often than not, collective punishments are less burdensome as compared to individual ones.  When a group of people go through suffering together its gruesome impact is felt less. Therefore it is a good thing for us to rely on one another.


I’m Good Enough


When I am on my kneels

Tears fill my eyes

My lips murmur in gratitude

Not everyone had it like mine!

Not a model or a basketball player

But a cute pretty me,

Happy, not battling for height nor weight

All I need a smile and me

I’m good enough.

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