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Robbing the deaf and dumb sheer wickedness

YESTERDAY, THE DAILY HERITAGE reported the plight of some graduates of the Mampong School for the Deaf who are facing exploitation by some heartless Ghanaians.

In the report carried on the front page of the paper captioned ‘Public Refuse to Pay Deaf and Dumb’, the headmistress of the school, Trudy Akusika Segbefia poured out her frustrations about how graduates of the school are being oppressed after graduation.

According to the headmistress, after completing school, the graduands are encouraged to set up their own businesses because employers hardly hire their services, but those who seek the services of these graduands take advantage of them and refuse to pay for services rendered.

My students always run to us after they have graduated and complain that they do not want to go back because their customers refuse to pay them due to their disabilities. This has been going on for so many years and nothing has been done about it.

“I call on you all to please stop that because these students have intelligent ideas that can help develop society and also create jobs for the unemployed.

“Don’t look at their disabilities to cheat, judge and mock them but rather encourage them to boost their confidence level to work and feel accepted.” She stated.

Madam Segbefia added that the situation had created anxiety among the continuing students who are yet to graduate and don’t know how society would receive them.

According to the headmistress, during vacation, the students refuse to go home because they are mocked at and looked down upon “which is very painful.”

The DAILY HERITAGE is indeed saddened by these developments.

It beats our imagination why a human being would be so callous to ask a disabled graduate, who is not on the street begging but doing something to earn a living, to sew an attire for him, but refuse to pay because the person is deaf and dumb. This is sheer wickedness. 

All those exploiting these vulnerable but talented disabled graduates should bow down their heads in shame.

If we can’t support our disabled friends, we should leave them alone and not mock and exploit them. The cruel people doing that should remember that nobody plants tomatoes and harvests onions.

We, therefore, add our voice to the call by the headmistress on all the dishonorable beings robbing the deaf and dumb to stop exploiting the graduates and indeed all disabled persons in the country. God is watching.

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