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Special prosecutor to put fear of God in public officers – Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo says the Office of the Special Prosecutor is to instil the fear of God into public officers and not intended to witch hunt past government officials.

Addressing the press at the second edition of his encounter with the media, the President reiterated that his appointees would be made to face the law should any case of corruption be made against them.

“I am well aware of the general sense of anxiety in the country and the strong feeling that politicians tend to get away with corrupt practices…. But I do believe that at least the office will remove the fear of partisan prosecution and begin to put the fear of God into all public officials who are intending to go down the path of corruption,” he said.

“Let me state again that the current office holders are as likely to be investigated and prosecuted by the Special Prosecutor if a case is made against them as past office holders. At all times the rule of law must be upheld,” he reiterated.

Reiterating his commitment to the fight against corruption, President Akufo-Addo cited the two bi-partisan probes that have taken place in Parliament to inquire into allegations of corruption levelled against his ministers.

“So far, every single act of alleged corruption labelled against any member of my administration has been or is being investigated by independent bodies and the findings so far made public….and no evidence has been adduced to suggest mildly the perpetration of any act of corruption,” he stated.

The President further echoed his call for evidence-backed allegations of corruption against any of his appointees.

“I have a greater interest in my appointees not being corrupt than any critic could possibly have. Try me. Produce the evidence to back the allegations and see what the reaction will be,” he said.

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