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K. B. Asante led a good life worthy of emulation

ON MONDAY, accomplished  diplomat and nonagenarian, Mr K. B. Asante joined his Maker peacefully in his home. He died at age 93.

Born on March 1, 1924, Mr Asante was the Secretary to Ghana’s First President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, and served under a number of Heads of States in Ghana. He also served as the Principal Secretary at African Affairs Secretariat from 1960 to 1966.

He also became Ghana’s Ambassador to Switzerland and the United Nations (UN) offices in Geneva, s well as the UN establishment in Vienna and also the Ambassador to Australia from 1967 to 1972.

He served as the Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Economic Community from 1976 to 1978.

In politics, Mr Asante retired from the civil service in 1978, to form the Social Democratic Front to contest the 1979 election where his party won three parliamentary seats in that election.

He later became the Secretary for Trade and Tourism in the Provisional National Defence Council administration in 1982 and later Secretary for Education and Culture from 1986 to 1990.

The celebrated retired diplomat attended Achimota School where he later taught mathematics from 1945 to 1948, before proceeding to Durham University in Britain, where he obtained BSc Mathematics in 1952.

The late Asante became a member of the Institute of Statisticians in 1953, before again returning to Achimota College, where he continued teaching mathematics from 1953 to 1955.

Throughout his life, he exhibited excellence which was seen even in his later years. As a nonagenarian, he was still cogent and made valuable contributions to national discourse to the delight of many Ghanaians.

He was apolitical and revered by all political groupings. He showed objectivity in his submissions, a feat worthy of emulation by the younger generation.

The DAILY HERITAGE commiserates with the bereaved family for their loss. Indeed, Ghana has lost a deep thinker.

We think that Ghanaians should celebrate him rather than mourn him because his was a life well lived.

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