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Woman thief on the loose at Madina market : Steals GHȼ 46,000 from market women


TRADERS AT Madina market in the Greater Accra Region are calling on their colleagues in various markets across the country, especially those in Accra, to be on the lookout for a professional woman thief.

According to the traders, the thief is always neatly dressed, with a handbag and looks responsible when she approaches shops to buy goods.

Some of the traders told the DAILY HERITAGE in an interview that the unidentified thief normally visited shops between the hours of 7 and 8 in the morning to carry out her nefarious activity.

One of the victims, a provision shop owner, Mrs Sarpomaa Augustine Atta, told the paper that on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at around 8:35 a.m., the thief, dressed like a Muslim woman, came to her shop that she wanted to buy a half bag of wheat.

According to Mrs Atta, after bringing out a bag of wheat from the shop, she asked the buyer to help her divide the wheat into two, but she refused.

She added that while dividing the wheat, the suspected thief made several calls and in the process managed to open the shop owner’s bag containing GH ȼ12,000.00 meant to pay her creditors that same morning and bolted from the market.

Another woman, Suraya Mahamudu, who sells cosmetics at the same market, narrating her ordeal, said a day  in June this year, about 8 a.m., the same woman walked into her shop and asked for the prices of many items and finally settled on buying make-ups.

Madam Mahamudu said after ranting for over 30 minutes, the woman bought the make-ups for GHȼ 10. 80 and left.

“I never noticed that the woman had stolen something from me until 3p.m. when my creditors came to collect their GHȼ 8,000.00 I owed them. I went to my bag to take the money and realised that the money had been stolen.”

“I immediately checked the footage from the Closed-Circuit Television camera and it had captured her taking the money from my bag,” she said.

After describing her to the other traders who had fallen prey to her nefarious activity, they confirmed that she had a tattoo on her right hand and always rapped her hair.

Two other victims, Margaret Adebayor and Mary Adjei, both provision shop owners, have also lost GH¢ 24,800.00 and GH¢ 2,680.00 respectively.

According to the traders, they have made separate reports to the Madina Police  and are therefore calling on all market women to be vigilant and closely observe customers who visit their shops.    

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