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Mine workers ‘mad’ at govt over plans to sack 1,700 workers..Union to embark on demo March 13


THE NATIONAL Executive Council of the Ghana Mine Workers’ Union of the Trade Union Congress TUC) will embark on series of industry-wide sympathy strike action in solidarity with their colleague workers at Goldfields Ghana Tarkwa mine on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

According to the union, the lacklustre attitude of the the government and its regulatory institution in calling Goldfields to order despite the glaring infractions of the law is to be blamed for their woes.

The union says currently there is a huge armed military presence at their workplace, which has created an atmosphere of insecurity, fear and panic among the workers with most of them not being too sure of what to expect next.

Since November last year, the union and Goldfields Ghana Limited have had disagreements over plans to lay off about 1,700 out of 2,150 permanent employees of the company.

In an interview with the DAILY HERITAGE yesterday, the General Secretary of the union, Mr Price William Ankrah, said the union had painstakingly put the relevant facts and all the necessary information about the matter into the public space for critical analysis and scrutiny.

“In the space of time, the company that should respect the Appeal and the stay of execution has gone ahead doing some nasty things here and there and when it becomes nasty everybody will know. The company that should have that respect for the laws of the land has decided to do what they have started doing with strong military presence so we need to find a convergence point,” stated.

Strike action

In a statement copied to the paper and signed by the General Secretary, the union said after the deliberation it had decided to embark on “hoisting and wearing of red bands by all workers in the mining industry beginning Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

“Sympathy strike action by all workers in the mining industry on Tuesday March 20, 2018 and a full blown general industry-wide strike action by Tuesday March 27, 2018.”

Military trauma

The union said “the needless maltreatment and psychological trauma inflicted on our colleagues at Goldfields is extreme injustice, which, if left unattended, will sooner than later become a threat to justice everywhere for workers in the mining industry and by extension workers in general, particularly those in the private sector in Ghana.”


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