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Facts about tilapia


  • Tilapia has progressively grown in popularity since 2002 when it first entered the top 10 list of the most frequently consumed seafood prod ucts in the United States.
  • It is currently the fourth most popular type of fish behind tuna, salmon and Alaskan pollock, and the third most popular aquaculture or farm-raised seafood product behind shrimp and salmon.
  • Tilapia is probably the oldest farm-raised fish in the world.
  • There are many different species of tilapia. Aquaculture producers have developed various breeds or hybrids that grow efficiently to market size and have desirable appearance and flavour characteristics.
  • The approved market name for all varieties is ‘Tilapia’, and the three primary species in the marketplace are: Nile or Black tilapia, Blue tilapia, and Mozambique or red tilapia.

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