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AGI construction sector wants local content law

THE CONSTRUCTION sector of the Association of Ghana Industry (AGI) wants the government to adopt a local content law for its members.

The AGI says it is worried many raw materials used by players in the sector are imported and so  wants a law which will entreat contractors to source some of their raw materials locally.

“We believe strongly that Ghanaians must be empowered to offer their services properly. So the AGI construction sector, with support from BUSAG, has been advocating this empowerment through the development of a local content policy which is being developed.

“Consultations are ongoing; it is believed if the government buys into this effectively there will be some attention on Ghanaians in terms of service provision and the use of materials in Ghana,” the Chairman of the AGI’s construction sector, Rockson Dogbega, said.

“It will lead to the development of production bases for construction materials and it will lead to enhancing the capacity of Ghanaians to do what foreign companies normally will come and do.”

The Association says it is also pushing the government to amend its procurement structures for the sector and also wants it to accept the bid declaration in place of bid securities.

A Bid Declaration is a sworn statement by a bidder committing to sign a contract document if selected, but faces a ban if he reneges.

This is to avoid the huge collaterals sought by banks before they get the needed documents to file bid securities for government projects.

AGI believes the declaration will make the acquisition of government contracts flexible.

“It will give some preference to Ghanaians in terms of public procurement and some other related services,” Dogbega added.


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