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Ghanaians cautioned against abuse of pain killers


THE CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO) of Faith Homeopathic Clinic at Ahenema-Kokoben, near Kumasi, Mrs Elizabeth Faith Nkrumah, has cautioned Ghanaians to desist from abusing drugs meant to control bodily pains, commonly referred to as pain killers.

She observed that most people have resorted to regular intake of these drugs without recourse to prescription by medical professionals, which has created complicated problems to the vital organs of their body.

According to her, many people have problems with their heart, lung and kidney due to the constant abuse of these drugs.

She urged Ghanaians to always seek medical advice before taking such drugs because abuse of pain killers has long-term negative effects on human organs.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE in an interview, Mrs Nkrumah stressed that “many people who come to my clinic have problems relating to their vital organs, which are attributable to the continuous abuse of pain killers.”

She warned that the constant abuse of pain killers does not only have defect on the organs of the body but the system of such persons becomes resistant to any treatment.

“People have just been abusing pain killers thinking since it worked for their friends,  there was nothing wrong to use them without  medical advice,” she observed.

She said at Faith Homeopathic Clinic, cases like eye problems, infertility, stroke, diabetes and other related health issues were diagnosed promptly, hence the huge patronage of their services.

Mrs Nkrumah pointed out that aside counselling and praying for those who visited the clinic, all their vital organs were critically examined through the use of a unique machine to determine the right quantity of dose of medicine to administer to them.

She explained that Faith Homeopathic Clinic, though started from a little beginning at Bogoso in the Western Region in 2010, has stretched its tentacles to Kumasi and Accra with ultra-modern diagnosing centres following the prompt diagnoses people have been receiving for their cases.

“Since good health is a springboard to spur up the development of the nation, we at Faith Homeopathic Clinic would give out the best form of treatment in 2018 to our cherished clients,” she said.

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