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Profile of MTN Heroes of Change season IV

MADAM NAOMI Esi Arku Amoah, 42-year-old Evangelist and founder of Royal Seed Foundation in Kasoa in the Central Region, aims to bring up needy or homeless children to become great persons in future.


According to her, “most of the children are young kids and babies who were picked from bushes and refuse dumps and brought to me. Some family members that bring the children never show up to check on them; The children become my sole responsibilities till they are of working age and are assured of a good future,” she explained.


She said what motivated her to start the project was that her father warned her mum against giving birth to a female child, because girl child education was not important.


She added that “unfortunately for me I was born as a girl without any formal education. Meanwhile, my dream was to become an air hostess, which never came to pass. I rather ended up on the streets selling tea at night.”


“In the beginning, my mother sold her properties to support the vision. But now I fund this project all by myself. I don’t do any other work other than to evangelize on the streets. What I make from this is what I use to take care of the kids. I also roam about pleading with people to help when the kids are sick and have surgeries to be done. This project has survived only by God’s grace and I thank God no kid has lost his or her life under my care,” she added.


The Evangelist also said that she has over hundred children, including eight university and 24 senior high school students, with proper food to feed on.


“My project has been able to see kids through school; the infants even understand and speak English. It’s a great joy,” she said.


She explained that the project has a very bad electricity problem and are surrounded by heavy bushes, with no light on the path from their place to town.


She added that a Good Samaritan bought a bus for them from UK, which was to carry the kids to school and church, and then back.


“Though I was not supposed to pay anything at the port for the bus, the officials at the port insisted I give them something, which was GH¢26,000 or else they were going to auction it. They auctioned it and insisted my donor gives them the documents covering the bus which he refused till date.”


“Secondly, most of the kids here have special health disabilities which need to be attended to, but there are no funds. A two-month-old baby boy has a hole in his throat and needs five surgeries done, which is over GH¢12,000 and because of that he has a tube inserted in his stomach which he feeds through 15 times a day based on the doctor’s prescription,” she added.

Madam Arku Amoah said her wish is to be able to complete the structures for the kids to have a roof over their heads, because they are at high risk and also have all the surgery cases and special cases attended to.



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