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Over 7,000 to be rendered jobless if…Gas Operators Association warn govt


THE GHANA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Operators Association has said if the government goes ahead with the implementation of the Cylinder Recirculation Module (CRM) Policy, more than 7,000 workers would be rendered jobless.

The group explained that there were currently about 601 LPG stations across the country with a direct employment of about 3,000 and indirect employment of about 4000 people.

Briefing the press yesterday, the president of the association, Togbe Adaklu V, said the CRM Policy had been designed to deprive them of their economic rights.

He said the implementation of the CRM Policy would make it impossible for them to pay back loans taken from the bank.

He said “the CRM cannot prevent gas explosions. In fact, there have been many instances of gas explosions in countries running the CRM. The policy is an ill-prepared policy and is bound to fail.

“The policy is directly inconsistent with the government’s policy to support the private sector to create jobs. It is calculated to replace us with multi-national companies in the LPG retail business,” he added.

The group cried out that consumers would be burdened with high prices and pay for both the cost of the foreign cylinders and the gas.

Therefore, people without adequate funds cannot access LPG and thus be forced, against the very policy, to revert, sometimes perpetually, to wood fuels,” they opined.

They are, therefore, calling on leaders who are involved in the policy to urgently withdraw it or they would advise themselves as a group.

Way forward

The group explained that since explosions are perpetuated by defective BRVs, detailed and meticulous audit and stress tests should be conducted on them on regular basis; and mandatory re-training and education of drivers to conform to the gas discharging protocols prepared by the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS).

“[The] Government should create an LPG promotion fund to support private entrepreneurs to open retail outlets in the rural areas to enhance consumption and penetration and to promote safety at homes by supporting marketing companies or retail outlets through regular training,” they said.

The president concluded that there was no need to replace the existing marketing and distribution system for LPG.

“For now, it requires GNFS to be supported to continue its supervisory role during the gas discharging process at filling plants.

“In addition, regulatory agencies must be made to step up their monitoring and capacity building roles through enforcement of safety protocols and standards and execution of well-tailored training programs,” he added.

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