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Sacked Army recruits need justice

SOME FIVE hundred and one sacked army recruits have over the past months been complaining about the circumstances that led to their dismissal from the Army Recruits Training School at Shai Hills in the Greater Accra Region.


According to them, they were booted out wrongfully without being given a fair opportunity to defend themselves.


They said though some of their colleagues had issues with their instructors, they never said the training was too difficult as claimed by the leadership of the training school.


The recruits were dismissed based on what the Ghana Armed Forces command described as misbehaviour and threat to national security.

They were supposed to undergo a six-month training programme to be absorbed into the Ghana Armed Forces.


The recruits have since their dismissal in December 2015 been spewing venom and issuing all kinds of threats to demand justice.


They threatened to join terrorist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram where they claim they would find comfort.


Mr Frank Antwi, spokesperson for the disgruntled group in an interview on Accra based Adom Fm months ago said though they could not complete the course, the two months training they had before the dismissal from the training school was enough to qualify them to be recruited into ISIS and Boko Haram.

These threats are clearly irresponsible and must not be glossed over. Frustrations could compel these sacked recruits to engage in criminal activities if they are unsuccessful in joining any terrorist organisation.


Three years down the lane, the group has petitioned Parliament to look into their case and help them find justice.


The DAILY HERITAGE wishes to add its voice to the appeal by these sacked recruits for justice. Efforts should be made by the relevant institutions to address their concerns, else we may live to regret one day

Source: Mohammed

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