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We’II pay GH¢100 K licence fees Private lotto Operators assures NLA

GHANA NATIONAL Chamber of Licensed Banker to Banker Lotto Operators and Agents (GNCLBBLOA) says it supports demand for the lotto operating licence fee of GH¢ 100.000.00 approved by the Board of Directors of National Lottery Authority (NLA) to be paid by private lotto operators.

Addressing a press conference in Kumasi yesterday, the Founder and Executive Chairman of GNCLBBLOA, Mr. Frank Adjei, noted that the private lotto operators had about 200 lotto agents, 170 lotto sub-agents and over 150, 000 lotto writers across Ghana.

This, according to him, is the largest and strongest banker-to-banker lotto group in Ghana.

Mr Adjei stated that he was the first lotto operator in Ghana to pay the GH¢ 100.000.00 to the NLA as licence fees on March 15, 2018.

He pointed out that the Board of NLA ordered the leaders for all the various groups of banker-to-banker lottery to submit their proposals to the NLA for discussion in order to finalize the licence fees for the operators, agents and writers of banker to banker lottery.

“Mr Frank Adjei was the only lotto operator who suggested the least amount of money (GHC 200, 000) as a nationwide licence fees for Private Lotto Operators to the Board of NLA.”

“Honestly speaking, the Lotto Operators and Agents who are now attacking Kofi Osei-Ameyaw over the One Million Ghana Cedis are not being truthful to themselves, the media, Government and Ghanaians in general because if NLA has agreed to accept the GH¢ 500,000 License Fees per Region as [had been] suggested by these Lotto Operators and Agents at the NLA Board Meeting, then it means that every Lotto Operator who want to operate nationwide was supposed to pay Five Million Ghana Cedis to the NLA as License Fees,” he explained.

Instead of paying Five Million Ghana Cedis as license fees to operate the whole country, Mr. Adjei noted that the NLA has drastically reduced the licence fees to GH¢ 100.000.00.

He said they were grateful to Osei-Ameyaw and the Board of NLA over this decision but some people were rather destroying the reputation of the NLA boss over the One Million Ghana Cedis.

He commend Mr Osei-Ameyaw, for taking pragmatic steps to register and license the Operators, Agents and Writers of Banker to Banker Lottery under the Public-Private Partnership in accordance with the National Lotto Act, 2006 (Act 722).

Mr. Adjei asserted that they are ever ready and very determined to partner the National Lottery Authority and every government to realize the vision of creating jobs and maximizing revenue for socio-economic development.

He urged the Board of NLA to address the following concerns in order to strengthen the operations and administration of the National Lottery Authority:

He called on NLA to arrest Nigerians, Chinese and other foreign nationals who are operating Lotto business in Ghana especially the foreign nationals operating Banker to Banker Lottery.

“We are urging the NLA and Ghana Police Service to arrest and prosecute Vitarex Odele (populary Known as Olembe), a Nigerian who is illegally operating Lotto Business in the Brong-Ahafo Region. This is highly unacceptable. No foreigner is permitted to operate any form of Lottery in Ghana under the National Lotto Act, 2006 (Act 722).

“We are expecting the Board to be proactive and come up with measures, action plan and policies towards arresting the recalcitrant Ghanaian Lotto operators, agents and writers, who are refusing to pay the licence fees to the National Lottery Authority.

He appealed to NLA to consider drawing between 6:50p.m. to 7p.m., adding that, “This will enable more people to stake Lotto from both the Lotto Marketing Companies and LMCB2B.”

He also urged the Board of NLA to speed up the process of issuing the LMCB2B Licence to Mr  Adjei as quickly as possible since he had fully paid his licence fees of one million Ghana cedis to the National Lottery Authority on March 15, 2018.

He suggested that the Ministry of Finance should empower Mr Osei-Ameyaw to embark on nationwide tour to clarify issues, doubts and conspiracy theories against the operations and management of the Lotto business in Ghana.

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