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Medical and Dental Council has failed Ghanaians

THE GHANA Medical and Dental Council has admitted that the embattled director of the Advanced Body Sculpt known as Obengfo Hospital, Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh was not licensed to practice at the facility.


According to the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Eli Atikpui, Dr Andoh was not licensed to practice at the facility where Stacy Offei Darko, a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme, met her untimely death.


“We have made our position clear, Dr Obeng-Andoh has no valid license,” he told Joy News.


“We cannot conclude that it is negligence at this point in time, but it sounds strange. The chronology of events described by the mother suggests something terrible happened, and not to the standards of a medical and health facility.”


The Registrar also recounted that between 2012 and 2013, Dr Obeng-Andoh appeared before the Council, was found guilty of medical malpractice, and suspended for three years.


Dr Atikpui also said though the facility was shut down on two occasions by the Council, the facility somehow still operated.


“Why was an institution that was shut down by a regulator reopened without recourse to the provisions of the law?” the CEO quipped.


The DAILY HERITAGE is disappointed in the Council for asking questions when it ought to be providing answers to why the facility, which was operated by someone without licence, was still in operation.


If the Council had done its work well, Stacy would not have gone there for medical service in the first place.


The Council should accept that it failed woefully because but for the untimely death of Stacy, the Advanced Body Sculpt would still have been in operation.


The time to sit up is now. The Council should do its work well and close down all facilities that should not be in operating and not wait for ‘disaster’ before acting.


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