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Students need total training

THE PRACTICE where students are trained to only pass examinations at the expense of total education is gradually leading to the churning out of graduates who are just good at answering question papers, but are brainless and unfit for the job market.


Quality education involves the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.


Per the the Ghana Education Service syllabus, teachers are enjoined to train students to become total beings after school.


The recommended textbooks and relevant teaching and learning materials are tailored towards achieving the goal of producing complete graduates.


Sadly, however, in their quest to outwit each other and maximise profit, some schools have developed the strategy of recruiting teachers who are masters of securing pass questions and teaching students how to answer them.


These profit-oriented schools are even able to secure leaked papers from governing examination bodies to ensure that their students pass with distinction.


In the end, the students pass their exams and get juicy programmes to offer at higher levels, but the result is that they eventually turn out to be just slow on the uptake.

Another backward practice, which ought to stop, is the system where teachers concentrate on teaching students from prepared question and answer books instead of the GES approved textbooks.

There is nothing wrong with referring to pass and probable questions, but such materials are merely to complement the text and other books in the classroom.

The content of the text and other relevant books must be thoroughly thought before these questions and answers pamphlets are introduced.

The lazy approach to training our wards is not helping anybody; it is only producing half-baked graduates who are limited in both knowledge and skills. Some unfortunately end up as miscreants because of no jobs.


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