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50% MASLOC loans for women must target women with disabilities – Starr Woman Project charges govt

THE STARR Woman Dream Edition Project has hailed recent government decision to disburse 50% of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) loans to women as part of the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s goal of empowering women economically.

The Starr Woman Dream Edition Project believes this will massively boost enterprises managed by women across the country and reduce household poverty, whose brunt is often significantly borne by women.

Starr Woman Dream Edition is, therefore, urging the President to go a step further to also target vulnerable women such as women with disabilities with a similar directive to enhance the impact of this gender empowerment strategy.

Project Lead, Eyram Bashan, says in a release that, “In our advocacy work for women with disabilities [to receive] economic empowerment, we have seen the agonizing state of women with disabilities – voiceless, faceless and pushed underground to hide from the stigma and abuse of citizens they call family and neighbours.

“The bold few work tirelessly to earn a living without support in their difficult physiological state; a helping hand in the form of loans will be critical to their survival and that is what we keep preaching to both state and non-state actors. It’s a more dignifying way to help than the tokenism approach of charity.”

The Starr Woman Dream Edition Project says it acknowledges the teething challenges that characterize the disbursement of District Assemblies Common Fund allocation to persons with disabilities (PWDs), hence the MASLOC loans targeting women with disabilities will greatly reduce complications associated with depending solely on the erratic District Assembly Common Fund to run their businesses profitably.

“MASLOC’s way of doing business must equally be revised to be more sensitive and cater for the special needs of this group of women. They must at all times, through their business processes, location and outreach, be reachable, friendly and supportive in dealing with enterprises owned by women with disabilities,” Mrs Bashan said.

She added that every intervention of state must aspire to reach all persons in the target category as that is Starr Woman Dream Edition’s understanding of inclusive development.

“State institutions implementing pro-poor, pro-women, pro-business and other interventions must be intentional beyond rhetoric in making these services reach all bonafide Ghanaians. It’s a constitutional right, upheld by the SDGs and affirmed by our sitting President. That must be the true benchmark of evaluating the impact or success of such state efforts,” the Starr Woman Dream Edition Project Lead said.

The Starr Woman Dream Edition Project is an initiative of EIB NETWORK’s Starr FM with grant support from Star Ghana. The two-and-a-half year project seeks to enhance awareness of the systemic challenges faced by women with disabilities, and push for the full implementation of the PWD Act 715 and policies that will economically empower women with disabilities.

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