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Don’t wait to make a hit -Trigmatic


VERSATILE GHANAIAN musician and radio presenter, Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei, known by his stage name as Trigmatic, has advised young and up-and-coming musicians to consider building their brands rather than concentrating on making hit songs before making money.

According to the ‘Mifiri Ghana’ composer, branding should be considered an important tool for musician. He indicated that having a brand helps you to work smarter, not harder, and also adds some amount to your purse.

In an interview with the DAILY HERITAGE, he explained that most artistes concentrate more on releasing hit songs instead of building a brand or a niche for themselves.

He said, “Personally as an artiste, I don’t remember buying clothes or shoes, due to the brand I have created for myself. I am encouraging others in the industry to make good use of the names they have to double their zeros instead of waiting to produce hit songs and mounting on stages.”

He added that in this age and era, artistes should take huge advantage of the internet to make money, saying, “artistes should consider uploading their songs on social media and use their influence to get enough views from fans to enable them to create wealth. You just need to know the right thing to do and the money will come to you.”

Trigmatic also emphasised that artistes should do online endorsement for other brands.

“I sometimes wake up in the morning and tweet about brands like saying Huawei is the best phone. Once you are able to make the fame you can do something out of that and it pays really well, especially when you do it well. I just need them to build their brands first,” he said..

The artiste, who is into farming and has both pineapple and rice farms, through music, is also embarking on a project to train schoolchildren in music to become professionals, which he dubs the ‘Music Club’.

He said, “We teach young children not only how to sing or play musical instrument but to boost their confidence level, to develop their skills. We teach them how to interact and also teach them arithmetic in music like reading and writing music.

“It is a free after-school project which we have started with my alma mater, Martins de Poris, on Thursdays. We will start the community session on Saturdays, which won’t be free because we will use the money to fund the school project.”

The rapper and songwriter added that music is a very lucrative profession, which must be respected.  “Music still pays even if you [are] not singing.”


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