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Saving our river bodies

FRIENDS OF Rivers and Water Bodies not long ago warned that Ghana risk importing water from other countries if we continue the rampant pollution of our water bodies, particularly, in villages.

According to the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), from their research findings, almost all our water bodies across the country are frequently being destroyed through deliberate human activities with reckless abandon.

The NGO said the country will soon lose its rivers, streams and lakes which serve as sources of water for millions, if we fail to turn the tide.

President of the NGO, Nana Dwomoh Sarpong in a media interview said he had personally toured some selected water bodies in the Greater Accra and Upper East Regions and had observed that major rivers such as the Black and White Volta which flows into the Akosombo Dam to generate power have been heavily polluted through the activities of illegal miners and some lawless individuals.

We can also confirm that currently major rivers such as Pra, Offin and Densu are all messed up. Some individuals have been dumping refuse in these rivers at the blind side of the authorities, but what they forget is that their reckless actions would come back to them someday.

In the olden days, some of our forefathers were not that educated, but they preserved our beautiful rivers for generations unborn. Sadly, however, the so-called educated world today is rather killing these reliable sources of water.

One day, our rivers will dry up and the case of India where over 10 million people have no access to water would be our fate. The only way out is for our law enforcement agencies to crack the whip and save our river bodies.


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