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‘I need an apology’ – Medikal to Rosemond Brown

SAMUEL ADU Frimpong popularly known as Medikal, Medikal is not happy with the allegation Rosemond Brown aka ‘Akuapem Poloo’ leveled against him in a recent video and has voiced out his frustrations.

Recently, the actress released a video, in which she accused the rapper of trying to ‘rape’ her when they met at a club in Accra. She warned Medikal never to try that action again and asked him to be loyal to his girlfriend, Deborah Vanessa.

According to Medikal has reacted to the allegations in an interview on Neat FM, and disclosed that, the claims made by Rosemond is damaging and could affect his brand. He admitted that, he met Rosemond at a club and they talked and told her about how he admires the kind of stuff she puts on social media.

He noted that he indeed was privy to the fact that Rosemond would perhaps make a video for him, stressing she’s a “crazy” girl and capable of anything but he’s unhappy about the claims that she’s made against him.

He stated that her claim of rape has potentially affected his image adversely and so cautioned Rosemond to be careful the things she says in her video.

Receiving about “10 million calls” over the rape allegation, Medikal advised Rosemond Brown saying “I know that she’s crazy. Like she says her mind, like she’s open-minded and all but [I didn’t] [I actually] honestly, I was very hurt when I saw that video…obviously, it can end up tarnishing the image”, and has demanded an apology from ‘Akuapem Poloo’.


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