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Employees must report employers who don’t pay pension contributions

FOR FEAR of being made out and victimised in work places, some Ghanaian workers remain silent when they are being cheated by their employers.

Series of stories published by the DAILY HERITAGE on abuses in work places revealed how some employers fleeced their workers by not only paying them peanuts, but also not paying workers’ pension contributions.

Under the cloak of casual labour, some workers, especially in companies manned by expatriates, are denied basic benefits such as Social Security and National Insurance Trust contributions.

Some of these workers are exploited for many years and end up on the breadline when they finally retire because they failed to fight for their rights when they had the opportunity.

This unfortunate development in the view of the DAILY HERITAGE must not be allowed to continue.

We think that workers ought to report employees who refuse to pay their monthly pension contributions.

The Pensions Authority ought to also secure the retirement income of workers by ensuring maximum compliance with all stakeholders made up of licensed trustees, service providers, employers and contributors in the new three-tier Pension Scheme ecosystem.

As stated earlier, we urge workers to lodge a complaint against cheating employees who refuse to pay their pension contributions to secure their future.


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