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A young girl helps her neighbor after falling next to the Crocodile River in the slums of Kroo Bay on May 1, 2010 in Freetown Sierra Leone. Kroo Bay it's known for having deadly diseases fighting cholera, typhoid fever, parasitic worms and malaria. In Sierra Leone one-in-four children die before their fifth birthday.

All must be sanitation ambassadors

FOR THOSE who have been victims of the dirty nature of some parts of Accra, a call by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on all to play a role in making Accra a clean city would be very welcome.


Due to uncultured habits, some parts of the capital get very dirty so much so that those places become the hub of infestation and habitat for the spread of contagious diseases.


During torrential rains, it is common to find some ill-bredwomen throwing piledup garbage into running waters.


This and many other bad habits such as incriminate littering of the streets are some of the ways the city gets very dirty.


Not too long ago, when there was a cholera outbreak in Accra, every Tom, Dick and Harry was st risk because the deadly disease is no respecter of persons.

Though there have been series of campaigns to rid the city of filth, attitudes are not changing.


It is for this reason that the DAILY HERITAGEagrees with the suggestion thatif habits are not changing, then the environment should be changed to make people respond to it.


The paper supports the AMA campaign and urges all to be part to make it successful because as stated earlier, when the dirty environment leads to an epidemic, all would be at risk.


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