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Same sex marriage ‘illogical’ – Nana Bram blasts Western countries


THE CHIEF of Mpehuasem, a farming community, near Samsam, which is along the Accra-Nsawam road in the Eastern Region, Nana Bram Okae II, has called on the Western community to immediately abolish the same sex marriage policy.

According to him, it is not logical for the Western countries to practise same sex marriage but frown on polygamy under the guise of human rights.

The chief made this call over the weekend when students from James Madison University in the United State of America paid a courtesy call on him to learn firsthand information about the African culture.

He said though African countries vehemently frowned on same sex marriage, they practised polygamy and called on the students to impress upon their law makers to abolish the same-sex marriage policy.

“ Same-sex marriage is homosexuality, which the African culture vehemently opposes because it is a practice outside what nature accepts,” Nana Bram said.

Nana Bram schooled the students on the process involved in the selection of a chief, installation and dethronement of a chief, the relationship between the chief and his ancestors, and the life and behaviour of a chief in both the public and private settings.

The chief, who is a former lecturer at the Language Department of the University of Ghana, said before a chief was installed, the elders have to give their consent, after which a day is set for the prospective chief to be confined in a room for a period and taught royal lessons such as prohibition on eating or fighting in the public.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE, the chief said chiefs could be dethroned in the African chieftaincy system only when they go contrary to the norms and traditions of their people.

Answering a question from a student about the relationship between the chiefs and the government, Nana Bram said another important aspect of kingship in Ghana is to be neutral and fair at all times, desisting from meddling in politics, “and this is in our 1992 Constitution”.

The 22-student delegation was led by Dr BJ Bragson, a senior lecturer, who said the group comprised students from Social Work, Health, History, Human Rights and some other course areas and that they were in the country for an annual three-week cross-culture study at the University of Ghana.

Dr Bragson said “the students have been exposed to various aspects of the African’s life, such as food, culture and the history of the African people.

The students took the opportunity to visit the only basic school in the community to interact with the pupils.


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