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I bleach because I want to fit into Hollywood– Ella Mensah

NIGERIA-BASED GHANAIAN actress, Ella Mensah, has attributed her decision to bleach to her desire to gain success in the movie industry, especially in Nollywood

According to her, movie producers and directors prefer giving roles to light-skin actresses to the detriment of talented dark-skin actresses.

“If you are a dark-skin person, your talent alone is not going to push you up because a producer once told me that I have the height, the body and that I am pretty, but that the tone of my skin was dark and that if they put light on it, it doesn’t look attractive,’’ she explained in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM in Accra.

She noted that being fair is her decision and that is to enable her to gain acceptability in the movie industry and to allow her to fit in, adding ‘’I thought about it and it is my own skin and thank God I am not going to hurt or kill anybody. So I did it because I love it and also partly because of my job,’’ she opined.

Falling short of mentioning how much she spent on bleaching every month, the actress revealed that she got her bleaching tablets from the United States of America.

Ella, who describes her acting career in Nigeria as being hugely successful, noted that dark-skin actresses had the huge task of going through very tough times and usually had to go the extra mile in order to succeed and gain acceptance.

“My decision to tone came in when I decided to act fully in Nigeria because I didn’t want a situation whereby in my own country (Ghana) I didn’t get all the opportunities I needed. I tried, I pushed hard, and there are so many people I fell on to help me make it in Ghana but they refused. Today they are nowhere near me and that is karma,” she argued to justify why she has been bleaching.

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