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Govt must take a second look at Bonding laws

THE GENERAL concept of bonding students is to ensure that the State does not waste resources to train the needed human resource only to lose them to the private sector or other agencies after the students have completed their programmes of study.


In the teaching profession for instance, students were made to sign bonds to serve for at least two years depending on where one was posted. Failure to respect the bond agreement amounted to a blatant violation of the law.


Many teachers were, thus, forced to serve the country before they could take a decision to even travel outside the country to seek greener pastures.


The hallmark of the bonding system was that students were posted to where their services were needed and they had no option than to undertake their national service there.


However, a major flaw in the implementing of the bonding concept is creating huge challenges for graduates, particularly, in the health sector.


It is now commonplace for trained nurses and other health professionals to remain in the house for years without being posted when they have signed bond agreements with the government to serve the State for up to five years before they can be eligible to work elsewhere.


The lame excuse from the responsible government agencies has always been lack of the needed capital to absorb the trained health professionals. This, for us, is not only highly unfair but shows our inability to think ahead of ourselves.


The superlative practice is that the system should always be ready to absorb the number of students who are supported financially by the State, at least for the bonding period.


It is not the best to bond someone for five years and refuse to post the person. This is inhumane and must be looked at critically.


If the State does not have the capacity to take in all trained nurses and other professionals, then it is incumbent on the supervising authorities to legally release them so that they could seek jobs elsewhere.


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