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ECG officials who sell meters must be exposed

ACQUISITION OF Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) meters continues to be a major challenge to consumers because of the cumbersome nature of the processes for securing a meter.

Many consumers have had cause to complain bitterly about the frustrations they go through to acquire a meter even when a valid case is made for one.

The worst part is that some rogues, who claim to be middlemen, extort money from desperate consumers because the normal system had failed to function properly.

In some cases officials of the ECG charge between GH¢ 200.00 and GH¢ 400.00 as prices for acquiring a meter.

The annoying part is that sometimes the meters are not delivered after payment is made because of what the officials claim to be shortage of the meters.

As demand for power increases due to increased population, it is expected that the ECG would be proactive enough to use part of the huge bills they charge consumers to acquire enough meters to meet the demand of the market.

Unfortunately, that is not the case because there is always the claim of shortage of the meters as a conduit to extort money from unsuspecting consumers.

According to Mr Boakye Agyarko, the Minister of Energy, meters issued by ECG are not for sale since they remain the property of ECG.

This explains why there is a service charge for the use of a meter.

It is clear that no consumer should dole out money to acquire a meter because it is the property of the ECG.

The DAILY HERITAGE is of the view that the only way to stop the extortion of money from consumers is to report ECG officials who sell these meters to the appropriate authorities.

Consumers should decline to pay for something that is not for sale. That way sanity could be brought into the system.


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