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I give not because I have- Ibrah Wan


CELEBRATED GHANAIAN philanthropist and businessman, Ibrahim Daouda, also known as Ibrah Wan has disclosed that he gives out to the needy not because he has surplus.

According to the young businessman, he is inspired by the smile he sees on people’s faces after helping them and it gives him enough satisfaction in life.

In a whatsApp interview with the DAILY HERITAGE, Ibrah said “My love for giving alms started when I was a child, I could even share my last with people who needed it more than I did. People who really know me know that, whenever am able to make people happy by helping them start businesses, paying their fees, helping them get accommodation, feeding them and a whole lot just makes me a lot happier.”

He stressed that“ I don’t give alms because I have enough; it is because I love to help people and see them smile. One thing people should know is they don’t need millions to help people in need; the little you can give someone might even go a long way to help the person.”

Ibrah Wan added that what really broke his heart was when people called him names instead of appreciating his effort, adding, “it  feels terrible when you hear people speak bad of you  about things you haven’t done but just know that if they don’t talk about you, you are not human.

“The terrible things I hear people say about me don’t stop me from helping others or doing good  to people because personally, I can’t stand it when people are having problems and I think I can help. I do it as soon as possible just to ensure they are happy.”

The businessman said he did his charity projects from his own account and as an individual, and not through any non-governmental organisation.

He said he gave to people on a daily basis by visiting the orphanages, paying for a child’s surgery, and giving out food items and that he gave  more than 100 iPhones to  some passengers he met  in a trotro on his birthday last  year.

Ibrah, who recently bought a new Audi R8 V10, 2017 model which cost more than $15,000 dollars, describes himself a man of peace and one who does not give room for negative people.

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