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I do not work for accolades — Regina Van Helvert

ALTHOUGH TV and radio presenter, Regina Van Helvert, has been in the entertainment industry for a while, she is yet to be a household name but the GH One Rhythmz host says she is not bothered.

“I don’t live for accolades; I live for the impact of my work with young people. However, I have been acknowledged as the favourite TV and radio presenter on a number of occasions.

“I have also had some nominations for awards in the movie industry too. My focus is on the impact of my work and building society,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Regina added,” I don’t think being a household name is the ultimate benchmark that one has arrived in this industry. The quality of engagements and how one is perceived in the industry is crucial.

“I want to believe that my brand associations on TV and radio as well as the movie industry are strategically placed and this I look forward to improving over time.”

Instead of brooding over the lack of accolades or recognition like some nigh do, Regina is channelling her energies into projects that will fix the broken trust in our society.

“I am passionate about fixing the broken trust in our society across varied areas of engagements, be it the place of women, the place of marginalized groups, youth empowerment, amongst others.

“Due to this, I have a foundation that has commenced, a #StopJungleJustice project, which is aimed at repairing the broken trust in the judiciary and processes of adjudicating conflicts which has (sic) led to people usurping the powers of State, taking matters into their own hands,” she said.

On what she thinks can be done to make the entertainment industry better, Regina said, “Well I am not particularly sure that I want to single-handedly change anything. It’s an industry that is evolving and has its own dynamics.

“It is important that we see a gradual improvement in content, which is very reflective of our evolving dynamics as a society and where we intend to reach. This is a cause that I believe I could provide my expertise to, going forward.”

One area she sees a lot of improvement is the number of women who are taking up roles in the industry.

“Women today are playing varied roles in the media in Ghana, from shaping lifestyles of this and subsequent generations through to developments in the creative arts space.

“There still exists the challenges of objectification and sexism, but these are issues that will over time change drastically. Again, more could be done in this direction.”

Regina Van Helvert was first runner-up at Miss Malaika 2012. She is currently the co-host of GHOne’s Rhythmz and also an actress.

She is a graduate of the Ghana Telecom University College, where she earned a degree in Business Administration (Marketing).

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