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President Nana Akufo-Addo

Public agitated over ‘no show’ of retrieving alleged stolen monies



THE GHANAIAN public is openly unhappy about the apparent ‘no show’ by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in bringing to book appointees who have been fingered as having dipped their hands into the nation’s kitty and taken huge chunks away for their selfish purposes.

There is no point belabouring the point why Nana Addo received the massive boost he got at Election 2016 simply because many voters bought into the Special Prosecutor’s concept he flaunted during the campaign period.

Many had thought that enough was enough and the time had come for the proper thing to do with plunderers of our resources.


The Woyomes were believed to have become restless when their names were mentioned at political rallies; the Dzifa Attivors became jittery and all those who knew within their heart of hearts that they had taken something illegally from the state kitty started looking for escape routes and alibis.

Dzifa Attivor for instance, was so restless that she told voters of Volta origin at different locations along the coast not to make the mistake of voting for change for fear she and her colleagues would be dragged to prison if Nana Addo won the polls.

Madam Attivor

She knew within her that in the event of Nana Addo and the NPP winning the election, she and several of her colleagues would have a question or two to answer. She had that premonition, as if she was a prophetess and lo and behold, her fears came to pass.


The outrageous cost of the branding of the Metro Mass buses, for which she accepted responsibility, and so had to resign subsequently, as known by everybody, may not be the only basis of her fears. After all, the company that made the outrageous demand and was paid for it said it refunded the excess money involved although we still don’t know this as a fact.

Madam Attivor’s great fears may have hinged on something that you and I don’t know openly but which she does, and feared a change of government would make things unpalatable for her, for as the saying goes, ‘your sins shall find you out’.

Have you forgotten that she was in charge when the contract for the Tamale airport rehabilitation was signed?

Minister of Transport

Have you also forgotten that she was the minister of Transport when the Kumasi airport was ‘enlarged’ to accommodate bigger planes at an exorbitant cost?

I am sure though that you haven’t forgotten anything about Terminal 3 at Kotoka International Airport the cost of which can build a completely new airport and Dzifa Attivor was in charge at the time the contract was signed.

Surely, she can explain everything when called upon to do so at any point in time now and the public does not understand why the government is sleeping on this.

So, now that everything is settled and Nana Addo has been installed as the president of Ghana, what is preventing him from bringing to book all those perceived to have dipped their hands into the coffers of the state now and not at a future date? What is preventing Nana Addo from doing this?

We don’t want to hear any excuses again; we’ve had enough of the excuses already and we may be better off with action.

Public perception

However, the public perception is that many current NPP appointees, who are themselves neck-deep in corruption practices, are making things extremely difficult for the prosecutions to start for fear of being consumed themselves by the fire ultimately and are putting spokes in the wheel. Whether this is true or not, one can’t tell.

You may even recall the delay in laying the bill for the office of the Special Prosecutor, in the first instance. The bill for it was initially laid under so-called certificate of urgency but it was shot down and withdrawn almost immediately.

Many well-meaning Ghanaians were stunned when they learned at the time that the bill for the establishment of the office of the Special Prosecutor had been shot down at the first attempt. Clearly, a good job had not been done by those who were supposed to do that and it was a great pity and a huge embarrassment.


Millions of Ghanaians waited impatiently for the establishment of this Special Prosecutor’s office to try all those who were bold enough to steal money or monies belonging to the state for their selfish ends while holding public office.

For now, many Ghanaians believe that if the Special Prosecutor is not ready to start prosecutions, the ordinary courts are there and the government, if it so wishes, can try all those known to have taken our funds away for private use. The Commercial Courts are there, use them in the interim. What are you waiting for?

The sleaze, the corruption, the dishonesty and the open stealing of public funds can no longer be tolerated by the general population.

Talk, talk, talk, no action

There is too much talk by President Akufo Addo and his appointees. ‘We will prosecute them’; ‘those who have made the banks collapse will not go scot-free’ and many such statements and yet we don’t see actions being taken.

This inaction has emboldened Mr. Asiedu Nketia to even dare you at a press conference and say that ‘you can’t do foko’ for you have no grounds to stand on.


NPP followers are also saying, ‘stop the talking and take action’. You have caused some auditing to be undertaken at several state agencies recently where huge malfeasance has been unearthed.

You have got some evidence that you are looking for. Use it to prosecute those involved. Rather, you are brandishing the audit reports and saying ‘There is malfeasance at Ghana Gas; there is malfeasance at that place, etc., etc’.


This is not what the people want to hear. The people want to hear that you have evidence against some erring appointees and they are in court to answer them.

We hope though that your evidence is solid because soon after the forensic audit report was issued Madam Valerie Sawyerr came out in a scathing attack on your integrity and dared you.

So, if you know you have evidence, go to court and stop the prosecution in the public space.

We want all stolen moneys retrieved without further delay. Ghana has the means to stand on its feet except that appointees steal our moneys for their personal use. October is here with us and the courts are ready to hear all cases. The talking must stop, now.

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