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Nii Kojo Ababio V

James Town stool not vacant- Stool father


THE STOOL father of the Neglishie Alata Paramountcy, Nii Appiah V has told chiefs and elders of James Town that the stool is not vacant and that the installation of Obrempong Wetse Kojo II was lawful and legitimate.

Nii Appiah made this statement in respond to media reports that the James Town stool was vacant.

The principal kingmakers of the two ruling houses of Negleshie Alata Traditional Paramountcy said this at a press conference in Accra yesterday.

They noted that James Town would be doomed if the Council fails to allow the kingmakers and newly-installed mantse, Obrempong Wetse Kojo II to perform the final funeral rites for the burial of the late  Nii Kojo Ababio V.

Addressing the press conference, the Stool Father of Neglishie Alata Paramountcy, Nii Appial V stated that the moves to carry out final funeral rites of the late paramount chief go against the tenet of the chieftaincy act.

He stressed that the kingmakers with the support of heads and elders of the two ruing houses of the stool are the real and rightful traditional officer holders who are supposed to perform the traditional customs and rites and that any attempt to prevent them from performing their rites at the funeral may lead to violence.

He called on the Inspector General of Police, Mr David Asante-Apeatu to expedite security protection actions to clamp down all controversial elders who are still fuelling chieftaincy in the area.

He indicated that since the judgment of the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa which had declared Obrempong Wetse Kojo II as a new James Town Mantse, Nii Ngleshie Addy V together with some chiefs and elders in the area have been making public statements against Obrempong Wetse Kojo II.

He said the relevant state security agencies and state chieftaincy institutions have been written to, to intervene.

He stressed that James Town Paramount Stool was not vacant and called on the general public to disregard any malicious and spurious report.

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