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Prampram chieftaincy crisis: Ruling set for Nov 7

THE GREATER Accra Regional House of Chiefs (GARHC) will on November 7 give its ruling on who is the rightful heir to the Prampram Paramount stool.

The matter, which was brought before the GARHC, was necessitated by moves by some people to install a successor to the late Nene Tetteh Djan III.

Anor We Royal Family which, by custom, is said to be clothed with the authority to install a chief was ignored when one Parker Kwaku was installed as the Paramount Chief of Prampram.

The GARHC will determine whether Parker Kwaku passed through the due processes of selection, nomination and installation and whether all the stakeholders in the installation were present and had given their endorsement.

Meanwhile, ahead of the November 7 decision, the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs wrote to the GARHC requesting for details on Parker Kwaku’s installation.

This also became necessary when the family petitioned the ministry on the installation.

In its response to the Chieftaincy Ministry, the GARHC indicated that the installation process was not followed.

The three accredited kingmakers, Abbey/Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Djan/Larbi Agbo We and Kwei Opleitu Waka We, have strongly opposed the attempt to install a new paramount chief without authority.

The said installation process and confinement was nullified by the security agencies for not following due process and also for maintaining peace and order within the Prampram Traditional Area and its environs.

According to the GARHC, the candidate must be nominated, having been selected by the three prevailing gates of Prampram, which rotate. The candidate, after the selection, is presented to the Dzaase, who is made up of nine family heads as the main kingmakers.

The GARHC stated that the Dzaase, after their confirmation of the candidate, present him to the Mankralo, who, together with elders of the Kle and the Chief Priest, will then put the symbol of Authority around the neck of the preferred candidate.

The Mankralo will then present the candidate back to the Dzaase and the Prampram Stool father for confinement,” GARHC stated.

The two sides are, thus, waiting with bated breath for the November 7 outcome.

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