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James Kwesi Addison, CEO, AICEI and summit host

Weak emotional intelligence leads to job failure — Emotional coach


AN EMOTIONAL Intelligence coach at Milton Keynes New City College, Mr Sean Wright, has stated that one of the main reasons why most employees fail in many job interviews is that many employers test the emotional intelligence of job seekers.

According to him, because employers want to determine the emotional intelligence level of their prospective employees and how they will react to dare situations at the workplace, they sometimes ask annoying and irritating questions to see the reactions of the prospective employees.

Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII, Vice President National House of Chiefs

“But because many of them are not aware and emotionally strong, they end up reacting negatively and hence losing those job opportunities,” he stated.
Mr Wright made this statement at the third and final day of an emotional intelligence summit organised by Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence with support from both SESA Africa and SeDi Africa to educate people on the need to be emotionally intelligent to face life’s challenges.

Chiefs provide leadership for their people once they are called upon

He said to be emotionally strong requires one to put experience, knowledge and understanding as well as emotional intelligence together to face whatever life situations.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of AAS Capital and life coach, Dr Aaron Afred Sackey, speaking on the topic ‘Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace’, said irrespective of the level of emotional intelligence people possess, employers with good understanding and level of emotional intelligence can manage their employees well.

Queens that graced the occasion

Dr Sackey said emotional intelligence could lead to better business decisions; make employers more likely to keep their cool under pressure and be better at resolving conflicts; and make them have great empathy.

He called on policy leaders in the country to adopt emotional intelligence as one of the subjects in the basic school to ensure that young people are taught the skill of developing the emotional intelligence at the outset.

An inspirational speaker, a life coach and founder of Makola Institute, Mrs Comfort Oduro, said “emotional intelligence is a powerful tool that determines one’s level of maturity as to how to manage things in all spheres.

Mamobi Bethany Preparatory School pupils

Mrs Oduro said society must exhibit high level of emotional intelligence and be alert to ensure that they help develop the emotions of others for them to realise their dreams in life.

The founder of Addison International Centre for Emotional Intelligence, Mr James Kwesi Addison, said emotional intelligence is an important aspect of life where “we manage relationships, stress situations and our daily life activities.”

Other participants

Mr Addison said there is a need to champion all forms of emotions.
He said for that reason, SESA had taken it upon itself to provide three important programs, including education which is to ensure that more teachers are qualified and properly trained in emotions.

SESA also has the SESA youth program which is aimed at building the capabilities of the youth to manage their own emotions.

Mr Addison said the last one is the corporate world or workplace employee resilience, aimed at ensuring emotional stability at the workplace.

He said the emotional intelligence drive had been developed into an app and other social media platforms where people share their real life experiences to educate the youth and the young ones to have the courage to move on in life.

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