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A cross section of the physically challenged persons at the Save a Soul Concert

Eugenius Foundation holds maiden ‘Save a Soul Concert’ with physically challenged


EUGENIUS FOUNDATION a non-governmental organisation has held its maiden ‘Save a Soul Concert’ geared toward creating public awareness about the fact that the physically challenged persons can equally do what an able persons can do.

Dr Peter Obeng-Asamoah, the Director of the Ghana Blind Union (L) and MP for Ablekuma South Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije

The concert was also toward making a statement that, it is not always that the able can be used for musical concerts, but the physically challenged can perform such a task better.

One of the physically challenged persons leading praises songs

Addressing the gathering, Dr Peter Obeng-Asamoah, the director of the Ghana Blinds Union said the support persons with disability needs are opportunities.

“My parents got the wisdom of God and they took me to school just like other children and God has opened a way for us, so if you have children with disabilities take them to school. Now there are many schools that admit blind students.

Directror of Ghana Blinds Union addressing the gathering

“We don’t want pity, we want an opportunity that is what blind people need and people who can go out there and live their lives.

Former Accra Mayor pledges support

Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma South, Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije  being acknowledged

The Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma South, Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije who graced the occasion said in the eyes of God “we all have challenges” but “we all need to be ministered onto.”

“We all need a religion and if someone finds time to minister onto you, that person is opening doors for others. We don’t know what the Lord has installed for you, but I didn’t come here because some of the people have physical conditions, I came to say that we all have conditions and we are here to comfort and support one another.

Time to dance

“We have a responsibility as government, we have a responsibility as a church, we have a responsibility as an individual and we have a responsibility according to how the Lord has blessed us,” the former Accra Mayor admonished the gathering.

What is ‘Save a Soul Concert’?

The founder and the executive director of the Eugenius Foundation, Mr Eugene Danso said apart from using the concert to help the less privileged, “it was also to hear from people who despite their challenges as mothers, even though have children with Cerebral Palsy have not given up on their children as some parents have but still keep pushing.”

Time to pray

He said as some of the physically challenged persons have been to defy the odds like Dr Peter Obeng Asamoah, president of the Ghana Blind Union, means others should be encouraged to know that, no matter their state, “it’s about the mindset.”

The Eugenius Foundation believes the Soul is the spiritual nature of man while mind is man’s faculty of thinking and reasoning.

Aim of Eugenius Foundation

The founder said, the foundation also aims to build and carve sustainable advocacy, education and awareness on physical challenges (Physical / Psychological) plaguing the Ghanaian society.’

He said, it is further aimed at “providing support services to our two targeted groups and above all, build confidence in them to see themselves beyond their ailing circumstances for we strongly believe that Disability is not Inability.


Mr Danso said, the vision of the foundation is to build and become an accessible supportive home for the ‘needy’ and work to improve the lives of the physically challenged and their families. The foundation he said believes that society’s definition for a needy has to be really reconsidered and that “we believe the needy is not always someone who has physical needs (clothes, food etc) as our society depicts but also People who suffer lack Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, hence need help.

The foundation he said targets two groups of people, the physically challenged and those who are not physically challenged but challenges have disabled them from reaching their goals.

“We believe in the capability mindset not disability mindset and therefore seek to assist people who one way or the other are Physically, Emotionally and psychologically disabled.”

The Eugenius foundation started in December 2016 supporting mothers who have children with Cerebral Palsy and it is officially registered with the Registrar General’s Department, Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Department of Social Welfare.

The maiden concert which was supported by the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Mike Oquaye also witnessed a post concert party and donations to the physically challenged persons.


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