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KROMA sanitation day gets off to promising start


THE NATIONAL Sanitation Day instituted by the government to deal with the country’s embarrassingly poor sanitation situation started on a promising note at the newly-created Krowor Municipal Assembly (KROMA).

Residents in some of the electoral areas in the municipality de-silted gutters and were joined by the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Joshua Bortey, who had earlier promised to lead by example.

The turn-out was impressive in some areas although in other areas the numbers were less encouraging but what the assembly would have to tackle in the first Saturday of March would be to close businesses and encourage those who folded their arms and watched others do the cleaning. Sanitation

Day revives at KROMA

“This sanitation exercise has not been too effective for a long time. So we are reviving it. That is why you are seeing a little apathy but if you go to the town the old ladies and the young ladies have all embraced the exercise and de-silted their gutters, so averagely it’s been very good,” Mr Bortey expressed satisfaction to the DAILY HERITAGE.

“We are going to get a lot of tools for the subsequent ones to work with and we are going to get a lot of sanitation officers and taskforce who will be working day and night, especially when it rains where we have problems.

He continued: “The people deposite the rubbish in the gutters thinking the rain will carry it away. We are going to employ a lot of sanitation officers, trained them and add the taskforce so the enforcement of the laws will start from that place.”

By-laws to bite

He told the paper that the sanitation bye-laws would be enforced, especially after sanitation guards have been trained to deal with miscreants.

“We have educated the officers a lot and Hon Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, the Member of Parliament for Krowor and Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, is opening up a sanitation court, so from there if you don’t adhere to the principles and the bye-laws are telling you that the gutters in front of you should be clean every day, not every month,” he explained.

“We are going to enforce the laws; we have done enough education and enough training so we are going to enforce the law.

Concerning the covered gutters, Mr Bortey said “we have brought in some engineers and have identified places which were blocked with cement and we will get them broken and reconstructed.

Some of the gutters are too small and we will reconstruct them. He also told the paper that parking of cars was a problem and especially those who park their vehicles on the roads would be dealt with.

“We will deal with those who park their cars by the roadside and wash them, since the soap is not good for the asphalt.

“We are also looking for a place so that when we tow the cars parked by the roadside, we get them locked up there. We are liaising with the churches to give us a place to park the cars so you pay a fee to redeem your car,” he said.

Some of the residents commended the MCE for leading the intiative to ensure that sanitation in the area is improved.

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