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Divorce cases and role of clergy

GHANA is officially a secular state and is thus neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion.

What this means is that there is complete freedom of religion because many Ghanaians are deeply religious.

Therefore, the clergy is the final place for respite for many congregants when things get out of hand in their homes.

Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ serve as servants of the Almighty God and intervene for the congregants in the spiritual realm. They also offer free counseling services including marriage to the congregants in times of trouble.

However, the Ghana Statistical Service is reported to have indicated that about 600,000 marriages contracted in the country in a year collapsed. The divorce cases are prevalent in churches.

The trend is very worrying and requires increased efforts by Ministers of the Gospel who blessed the marriages in the first place.

Sadly, there is fire in the church itself. Some criminals parading themselves as men of God are muddying the waters for Christendom.

They have hijacked almost all the digital channels and are busily deceiving people while the National Communications Authority looks on.


The clergy must urgently rein in their ministers; else the country loses its moral grounding. The resultant effects of increase in divorce cases are broken homes and social vices.


We, therefore, should collectively assist in protecting the sanctity of the institution of marriage and enhance Christendom.

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