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Flashback: The accused persons after the committals

JB killers make first appearance at High Court after committals

BY MUNTALLA INUSAH | muntalla.inusah@dailyheritage,

SELF-CONFESSED KILLER Daniel Asiedu and Vincent Bossu who are being held for the murder of the late Abuakwa North Member of Parliament Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu have made their first appearance at the High Court since they were committed for murder trial at High Court on February 11.

But the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court assigned to the case could not sit because the trial judge was indisposed. The case has been adjourned to March 21, 2019.


On February 11, the Accra Central Magistrates Court committed the two persons for trial at the High Court.

That was the second time the two will stand trial at the High Court after the Attorney-General on May 29, 2017 filed a nolle prosequi to discontinue the first trial.

Asiedu, 19, aka Sexy Don Don, trader, is facing charges of murder and robbery while Bossu, aka Junior Agogo, is also facing a conspiracy charge.

The court, presided over by Her Worship Arit Nsemoh, it was convinced that the accused persons had a case to answer in the death of the NPP MP and therefore committed them for trial at the High Court.

The prosecution held that Agogo, at about 1a.m. on February 9, 2016 at Shaishie at East Legon in Accra, conspired with Asidu to commit murder. Asidu, according to the prosecution, on the same day and time, intentionally and unlawfully caused the death of the MP.

Bosso, according to the prosecution’s Bill of Indictment, did not enter the house of the MP because of a misunderstanding with Asiedu on which house to rob.

11 Witnesses, 29 material evidence

Ms Sefakor Batse, a Senior State Attorney, informed the court that the State would call 11 witnesses and also rely on 29 exhibits to prove its case at the trial. Presenting the facts of the case, Ms Batse said Asiedu and Bossu planned to go on a robbery spree, but due to a misunderstanding, Bosso did not partake in the act.

She said Asiedu went to the MP’s house on February 9, 2016 around 1:00a.m. and robbed him of his three mobile phones and that he gave two of the phones to a repairer to unlock but the repairer saw blood stains on the phone and reported the matter to the police.

Ms Batse also contended that Asiedu entered the house of the MP at 1p.m. and noticed that the light in the room of the MP was on and the room had no metal bars to prevent him from entering it.

The court heard that Asiedu grabbed a ladder and climbed onto the porch and entered the room through the window.

She said the MP, who had returned home at 11:40p.m. the previous day, was fast asleep. Asiedu, upon entering the room, started searching it and in the process, the MP woke up in an attempt to stop him from taking anything from the room.

She said Asiedu stabbed Mr Danquah- Adu in the process, leading to his death.

I planned MP’s killing

When offered the opportunity to speak, Asiedu, first accused persons (A1), told the court that he had planned the murder of the MP with some others.

He told the court that even though there was enough money when he broke into the room of the MP, the intention was not to steal but to kill.

He also told the court that as part of their plan, it was known to him that he would be arrested after the incident.

Asiedu also told the court that he entered the MP’s house through his main gate even though security was tight and that not even a dog would be allowed to pass in front of the house.

He told the court that ever since his arrest, he had never seen those he planned the incident with till today.

NPP contracted me, not NDC

He told the court that contrary to his earlier claims that it was some members within the National Democratic Congress who contracted him, it was rather members of the NPP, because ever since he went to the Nsawam Medium Security Prison, he has accepted Christ and has decided to speak the truth even if he dies.

According to him, he had mentioned the names of those persons when he was re-arrested by the police after the High Court had discharged him earlier.

He told the court that the statement he had given to the police could not be traced, hence his plea for him to be offered ICC lawyers for the truth to come out.

He said the family of JB Danquah “is still blamiing me. My lord, that is why I am saying I need help to get an ICC lawyer else the truth will not come out.” He also told the court that he did not know Bossu, the second accused persons.

I cannot give your ICC lawyer

The court, presided over by Her Worship Arit Nsemoh, said it was not in a position to request an ICC lawyers and that per the constitution, only lawyers who are licensed are in the position to appear before the court to represent accused persons.

He said the accused person could notify the Judicial Secretary to check if lawyers practising in Ghana have ICC background.

Lawyer make case of Bossu Lawyer Muniru Kasim, who held the brief of Mr Augustines Obour for the accused persons, said per the facts heard in court, it was difficult for the charge of conspiracy particularly against Bossu to be sustained for which reason he should be committed for trial.

He argued that from the facts, the A2 was not at the scene of crime, he also does not know who was robbed and in which house the robbery incident occurred.

He, however, prayed the court to decline the invitation to commit the Bossu, for trial.

Source: Ghana/ 11, 2019

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