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Mr Kofi Osei Ameyaw

Trouble for illegal lotto operators..As NLA declares war on them


THE NATIONAL Lottery Authority (NLA) has cautioned the general public against the activities and operations of illegal lotto operators, social media miscreants and agents.

In a statement copied to the DAILY HERITAHE over the illegal activities of lotto operators, the Head of Public Relations of NLA, Mr Razak Kojo Opoku, said fraudsters and social media miscreants were using radio, television, newspapers and online platforms like social media to defraud unsuspecting people.

Some of these lotto fraudsters and social media miscreants, according to the statement, have set up Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms using pictures and names of the Director-General and staff members of NLA to defraud people.

The statement added that these fraudsters used clever tactics to convince the staking public to make mobile money transfers to them in exchange for winning lotto numbers.

It indicated that the lotto fraudsters, largely supported by some illegal lotto operators and agents, had consistently been misinforming the general public that they had access to NLA winning lotto numbers before the draw and that patrons should not stake NLA products because NLA would automatically know the numbers they had staked on the machines (Point of Sale Terminals, (POSTs), hence the authority will ensure that such numbers were not drawn.

All this information are completely false.

The statement noted that it had also come to the attention of the authority that Alpha Lotto was using Machines (Point of Sales Terminals (POSTs) and charging commission above the Commission of NLA.

“We want to state categorically that the NLA has not licensed and authorized Alpha Lotto to use its own machines (POSTs) and platform to generate branded electronic tickets,” it explained.

The statement mentioned that the Alpha Lotto POSTs were illegal and steps were being taken by NLA to cease all the machines of Alpha Lotto with immediate effect.

The statement emphasised that the NLA had not authorized nor appointed any individual or group of individuals to offer winning lotto numbers to the public, since “lotto is a game of chance and it is impossible to foretell winning numbers”.

It stressed that the NLA and its staff had no knowledge and control over the outcome of draws and that draws were conducted in a very open and transparent manner, and open to the general public.

It said that every Ghanaian is free and welcome to witness and partake in the draw at 6:30 p.m. daily except Sundays and public holidays.

The statement said “it is absolutely false that staff of NLA, the lotto fraudsters and social media miscreants have access to the winning numbers before the draw”.

The statement explained that the social media pages created by these fraudsters and social media miscreants using pictures and names of the Director-General and staff of the Authority are completely fraudulent and intended to defraud unsuspecting and gullible Ghanaians.

The statement asserted that the Authority is yet to introduce onto the market its own online lottery, “hence, any form of online lottery currently operating is illegal and has no approval of the Authority.”

The statement noted that the Authority, in collaboration with the relevant security agencies, are taking pragmatic steps to help curtail the activities of the lotto fraudsters and appealed to the general public to be more vigilant and discontinue patronising the services of these illegal operators and agents.

Source: Ghana/ 9, 2019








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