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Dr James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman of JL Properties

Forget govt jobs.Be innovative and create your own .Estate Developer rallies unemployed graduates


REAL ESTATE Developer and Executive Chairman of JL Properties, a wholly-owned Ghanaian real estate company, Dr James Orleans-Lindsay, has sounded a word of caution to would-be graduates whose sole aim of employment is to grab government jobs that they are bound to fail.

He said until the youth and, for that matter, would-be graduates realised that the best way to make it in life was to be creative and innovative, the unemployed rate in the country would hit a record high, a development he said would spell doom for the nation’s future.

Dr Orleans-Lindsay made this known to the DAILY HERITAGE during a visit of students from Kyebi Technical Institute to JL Properties for an on-the-job training experience.

Plan your own business

“In the current state, all those going to tertiary institutions with the aim of going to gain government employments are bound to fail so our youth support podium, with our collaboration, is rather telling people and directing them that be practical and then go on your own.

“The point is that, start and plan getting out of school to set up your own business. That is the only way that you can be out of this (unemployment) situation. I travel and drive across this country a lot, especially the coastal belt, and if you know what I know and if you’ve seen what I’ve seen,” Dr Orleans-Lindsay said.

He added that “from Aflao to Discove, if you go to the towns across and you see the level of unemployment and the number of people not even going to school to start with, plus the unemployed, you would be worried for this nation.”

Insecurity stirs at the rich

Dr Orleans-Lindsay, affectionately called Uncle Ato, whose effort has transformed the once Achimota dumping site into a place of estate houses, said the rate of unemployment in the country put the lives of the haves in jeopardy.

“Even if yourself, as single as you are, as a singular human being or as a family unit, your are enjoying wealth and your are doing well, you will be afraid of your own self (sic), because this is pure insecurity stirring at us.

“If the number of people not working, and there is no job for anybody, don’t let us kid ourselves. There is no job for us, look, if 70% of our revenue is being used for salaries and emoluments, the other 20% is being used to pay for debt services (not the debt itself), 10% is what is left for infrastructure development, creation of new businesses by the government and stuffs, then there is a problem there, so these are some of the things that we need to push to get people off the streets.”

The executive chairman told this paper that the only way to accommodate the unemployment situation in the country is to support individuals to have their own practical businesses.

“Because it is the only way for us to accommodate this serious unemployment situation in the country, so we are talking to government, to send our plans and everything. We have lined up a series of meetings so that we also let them know our plans and what is interesting is that at our Youth Support Podium, it is just plans, [and] there is the practical aspect.”

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