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The founder of TOF in a group photograph with the children
The founder of TOF in a group photograph with the children

True Queens Foundation donates to Asikasu-Aburi community

MUNTALLA INUSAH | muntalla.inusah@dailyehriatge.com.gh

TRUE QUEENS Foundation (TQF), a month-old non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered in the United States of America has donated assorted items to residents of Asikasu- Aburi, a suburb of Bawjiase in the Central Region.

According to the founder of the TQF, Elizabeth Naa Déné Baddoo, though the NGO was registered abroad, its operations are extended to every part of the world, especially Ghana, where she hails from.

The items included books, pencils and pens, as well as assorted drinks to girls aged  six to 16 who are in need.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE after donating the items to the beneficiaries, Ms. Baddoo said though she arrived in Ghana barely three weeks ago, her links in Ghana was able to identify the community, hence their support.

“In the United States, I had a woman who was working for me and she said there is this small village after Bawjiase which is greatly in need and needs development,” she said.


Touching on how she is able to survive in the Ghanaian environment, she said, “I am a fighter and I believe in God; I am not bothered about the challenges now. For now I am using my own pocket money and, in future, will get the right support.”

Turns to Volta

She told the paper that the foundation’s next donation will be taking place in the Volta Region during the festive season.

“We are planning to go to the Volta Region during the Christmas season; there is a poor community there we want to support,” she said.

Brief background

Giving a background of the NGO, Ms. Baddoo said she was once bullied and teased when she was a little girl at the age of 12 and in 6th grade in United States.

“It was during lunch time when one of the male students spit saliva on me, telling me I wasn’t pretty. It hurt me so much till this day. But, I knew later in life his words were just words and not my destiny.”

She said as she grew older, she read a lot of self-motivating books and surrounded herself with positive and inspirational people who have helped her realize her worth.

Ms. Baddoo said she strongly believes in affirmations and that if one speaks words into existence they shall become one’s reality.

According to her, the reason why she started the foundation was to touch the lives of young women and adults.

“A lot of influences come from a female. If a female is properly guided from her youthful years, she will grow up to be powerful and a great leader to herself, her future, her husband, her children, her whole world.

“She will have more direction in her life. Most of the time some girls or women lack self-esteem and end up making bad decisions in their lives. This foundation is to free them from negativity and instill hope in their lives.

“Developing high self-esteem and working together with support towards one another and overall strengthening of their mindset will be the main focus. The foundation is for all girls and all women.

“We will work with other organisations and continue to create love and opportunities for all. A young girl is valued as a princess and a woman as a queen,” she added.

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