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Apostle Joseph A. Ankrah, executives of AONMA and the ordainees

God’s calling is not by force – Apostle Jackson warns Ministers of God


THE PRESIDENT of the Apostolic Order Network and Ministerial Apprenticeship (AONMA), Apostle Joseph A. Jackson, has admonished prophets, evangelists and ministers of God to remain in “their lane” and perform their roles per their training.


Apostle Jackson said he wants these men of God to understand that there are challenges associated with pastoral offices and therefore jumping the ship would be more suicidal because they would not be able to deal with the challenges associated with those offices.


The president of AONMA, who is also a lecturer, made this call during an impartation service to commission, ordain and consecrate 40 ministers of God at the Living Praise Assemblies of God Church at Lashibi.

The ceremony was on the theme ‘A call to service.’


“We would be dealing with the clergy and the assignment that God has given us,” he said.

“If you are not a prophet or evangelist, don’t force yourself to be one because every office and every title comes with its own attack. So, we should make sure we stick to the particular assignment God has assigned us. If He (God) calls you in another office, He himself will give you strength to overcome all the attacks,” he explained.




Explaining further what he meant by attack, he said “when I talk of the attack, I mean the challenges that we face in our daily activities. I want them to understand that I also received what they received today and will also bear fruits to their church members and can be charged with their bibles, not their bare hands.”

On the issue of men of God givng death prophesies, Apostle Jackson said “we cannot say they are bad prophesies or not until we know the source.”


Turning to the new Ministers, he said, “We have done our part as leaders and fathers of the Lord and I’m trusting you that you would go out there to excel and not to deviate. Don’t also forget that those we tag as false prophets started very well and I’m urging every minister of God to stick to the principles of the gospel and not to deviate.”


Partisan churches

The Chief of Staff of AONMA, Pastor Rexford Williams, bemoaned the rate at which the churches that are supposed to be neutral are instead dividing their congregations.

“The Bible has told us that we should pray for the government, so no matter what government comes to power, we have the obligation to pray and support every government but now the church has become partisan. You will see church ‘A’ supporting party ‘B’ and it is wrong,” he said.


According to Pastor Williams, who also doubles as a lecturer, “the pulpit shouldn’t be used for politics; the pulpit is made for admonishing, the pulpit is meant to heal wounds, but how come we use the pulpit to breed wounds , to wound people, to chastise, to insult, even to insult leaders and Presidents”.


He added that “the church is divided now. You can clearly see that this church is political because of the political stance, which is not helping the church. The church is supposed to be a unifier and making the nation stronger.


“We need ministerial ethics which will regulate our political stance We need to visit our ministerial ethics which will guide us on how to do politics. I think the people graduating from the school will exhibit good ministerial ethics on open politics.”


The ordained

The total of 40 persons ordained comprised 15 Ministers of God, 19 Reverend Ministers and the remaining six were Apostles and Evangelists.

They were issued with certificates and licence.


Raise Christian servant for our Lord Jesus Christ

The Director of Education, Doctrines and Credentials, Pastor Emily Prudence Abraham, in her message to the ordained, said AONMA exists to teach the students how to be effective as disciples of the Lord in their own unique way and represent Him as Christians, seeking to live their faith openly.

“We also emphasise character and seek to prepare ministers who manifest the character of Christ and the Supernatural power of the Holy Spirit,” she stated.

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