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Residents repairing a portion of the road

Bad roads killing pregnant women at Twifo Wakaso • Palm kennel husk used as ‘bitumen’ to aid vehicular movement


THE CHIEFS and people of Twifo Wamaso in the Twifo Atti-Morkwa District of the Central Region are angry with political decision makers, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for the area and the District Chief Executive (DCE) for ignoring repairing their bad roads for the past three years.

According to some drivers who ply their trade on the roads, there are situations where pregnant women have to give birth prematurely because of the bad nature of the road while others lose their lives in the course of accessing health centres for healthcare.

Some residents told the DAILY HERITAGE that any time it rained vehicles could not ply the road, hence communities were cut from neighbouring towns like Twifo Praso.


Palm kennel husks on parts of the road 

The Chief of Twifo Wamaso and Krontihene of Atti-Morkwa Traditional Area, Nana Fi Agyeman, said for some time now, there had not been any sign on the roads to show they would be repaired  and calls to policy makers and other efforts  had yielded no results.

Nana Agyeman said while some parts of the country were enjoying good roads, others like Twifo Praso and Twifo Wamaso were suffering and all they could do “is cover their roads with palm kennel husks to aid drivers to climb the hills and access other parts of the roads”.

“It is laughable that in this 21st century where everybody is enjoying good roads and other facilities, Twifo Praso and its neighbouring communities, especially Twifo Wamaso, have to go for palm kennel husks to use as bitumen before drivers can access the roads,” he stated.

He said the Highway Authority had asked the communities to stop paving the roads with the   husks, stopping it would make the roads unmotorable.

Nana Agyeman called on the President, the Minister of Highways, the MP for the area and the DCE to act quickly to save lives and also aid the transportation of farm produce such as plantain, cassava and cocoa to available markets to help grow the country.

One of the elders of Twifo Wamaso, Nana Osei Kwadwo, said the elders and chiefs of the community had been agitating for the construction of the road for a long time now but to no avail.

Nana Osei lamented the bad effect the road had had on the community, narrating how many pregnant women had lost their babies and lives in their quest to access healthcare elsewhere using the bad roads.

Some drivers told the DAILY HERITAGE that “we have to visit the mechanical shop every two days because the road is so bad that sometimes you have to drop passengers on the way because the vehicle cannot go further.”

One of the drivers, Akwasi Amoah, said the passengers complained of huge lorry fare of GH¢6.00 from Twifo Praso to Twifo Wamaso, but explained that because of the nature of the road “if we don’t do that, we can’t maintain our vehicles whenever they go faulty.”

He said the situation was so bad that a taxi which is made for four passengers, excluding the driver, had to add extra two passengers, a situation he said caused rapid tear and wear of the vehicle.

An aspiring Assembly member for Twifo Wamaso, Maame Afriyie, who organised a communal labour to repair some portions of the road, appealed to the assembly and the government to help construct the road to reduce carnages.

Some angry residents reminded the government to come to their aid by constructing the roads if not they would chase out any politicians who would come to the town for political campaigning.

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