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Elizabeth Afoley Quaye Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development,

8000 outboard motors, Ahoto ovens coming • Fisheries Minister assures fisherfolks


THE MINISTER for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, has indicated that bowls, outboard motors and several other things are going to be given to the fishermen.

“Ever since we came to office, we have been gathering resources to get you as many outboard motors as possible. The Coastal Development Authority is bringing 5000 outboard motors. ADB and the Ministry of Fisheries are bringing 1,336 as well,” she said.


The Minister appealed to fisherfolks to use the outboard motors for large-scale fishing and not light fishing, “so that we can reap the full benefits of the vessels that we have brought. The women are tired of buying fish from light fishing. This is the little I have to say.”

Small-scale loans ready

To the women engaged in fishing, Mrs Quaye noted that small-scale loans to be given to them were ready and that “We will disburse the loans amongst members of the National Fish Processors Association for their use.

“This year, we have heard that you have caught a lot of fish and they just need the money to work on the fish. We are also bringing more Ahotɔ ovens, 3,000 of them,” Madam Quaye added.

The Minister recounted that last year, “We brought 350 of them but this year, we got some more funding to build more of the ovens for you. We will also provide you with insulated containers, in collaboration with USAID. We distributed some in Tema. We are bringing more this year.”

Touching on the storage facilities, she indicated that a bumper harvest had been recorded this year, and “the catch this year is more than the cold stores can take”.

With the government owning six cold stores across the country, she admitted that those put in charge of the cold stores had not taken good care of them.

“This year, the law has allowed us to give the cold stores to companies that can take better care of them, so we are in the process of changing ownership. We are working on restoring power to the cold store at Prampram so that it can be reopened for use,” she added

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