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We are our own worst enemies

Part One

By Michael Kessey – (Akissiway)

The writer

THE CORONAVIRUS disease, otherwise known as Covid-19, has no cure but, at least, could be avoided following protocols like washing of hands with soap under running water, observing social distancing and wearing nose masks.

The Holy bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish but here we are so much about the disease is made public, so it surprising a good number of Ghanaians, probably the majority, have turned a  deaf ear to this deadly disease, also  known as SARS- CoV-2, which has taken countless number of souls all over the World.

We are fortunate to have a responsible and caring leader in the person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, who is prepared to do the best he can to help stop the spread of this deadly virus which has no cure for now.

Most  leaders across the world  have come out to commend him for his commitment to combating SARS-CoV-2,  including the Director of  World Health Organization (WHO)  based on Nana AKufo-Addo’s  good intent on the fact that he can revive a broken economy but he cannot bring back the life of a human being (citizen).

Even developed nations all over the world that have the needed PPE and other improved medical logistics for their frontliners in the fight against the virus together with  their enhanced and routine surveillance are having challenges all because their citizens are dying. We should be grateful to the Almighty God for given us such a compassionate leader.

SARS-CoV-2 is a monster 

It may interest Ghanaians to know that most leaders,  for the fear of contracting this dreadful disease, resort to stay- at- home policy (lockdown) to do E- communication like using skype and other media platforms and we are lucky to have a President who is ready to risk his life to come out and address us.

This novel SARS-CoV-2 is no respecter of persons, regardless of race, colour, religion, language and many other considerations. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why some people want government’s effort to fight this dreadful virus to be in vain

Some of our relatives and other  loved ones have passed on not because they had  sinned against God but rather they were infected with this monster and could not get a cure.

Fighting a war that needs no arms

This contagious pandemic is something we cannot see with our naked eyes, but it is believed to have an intermediary host and for that reason,  we should see it as a war on mankind which cannot be fought with grenades and machine guns but with our little sacrifice by way of  observing the protocols – frequent washing of our hands with soap and running water, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, wearing of respiratory masks, social distancing and staying at home to save our dear lives.

It saddens my heart when I see some pics of you, for political expediency, take delight in playing politics with this dangerous disease that is causing the President and his officials, as well as  personnel from the Ghana Health Service, the security services, the medi and civil society  organizations sleepless nights.

This is not time for propaganda, but time to come together as one people, one family and one nation with a common purpose.

Let’s appreciate the government’s efforts

The President would have loved to provide us all our needs but there is an Akan saying which goes like “ Dea ewo odo nsa mu no, na ode ma”,  meaning what your lover can afford is what he gives you. As such, we should learn to appreciate the little we have got. He has promised to pay three months of his salary into Covid-19 Trust Fund. He has indeed shown leadership and no wonder individuals, private and public organisations have also started donating huge sums   into the fund. This is what we call leadership by example.

Total absorption of three months water bills for all the citizenry and  footing the bills of water tankers,  both private and commercial,  to supply water to those who do not have access to pipe-borne water in their homes is a big deal. The state has absorbed 50% of all the electricity consumption for both private and commercial consumers beginning from the month of April to June in this hard times.

Let’s find out from our friends and relatives living in advanced nations who had been on a total lockdown for two or three months if they are not paying for their own utility bills?

Ghanaians are their own worst enemies because of the bad attitude of majority of them in the country, some of whom do not care about their own lives to have time to think of the lives of their compatriots.

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