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One of the dormitories that was broken into

Students, staff of TAMASCO terrorised by burglars




AUTHORITIES OF  the Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO) in the Northern Region have expressed concerns that the school has become an easy target for burglars.

They are, therefore,  calling for a swift intervention to protect students and staff,  especially when the school premises have become a route for townsfolk.

According to authorities, they have been suffering at the hands of thieves and other  intruders who frequently break into their dormitories and bungalows to steal various items,  including cooked food.

On Thursday, for instance, they said one of the school’s boys’ dormitories was found to have been broken into by thieves.

The thieves broke the two locks to the room and ransacked the entire place.

 Trunks and chop boxes of students, who are currently home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, were also broken into and their items scattered all over.

Baba Abdulai, the Assistant Headmaster of the school in charge of Administration, told journalists intrusion and burglary had  become “a very big challenge” to the school

“In fact, I can’t count the number of staff members whose items have been stolen. There is a particular staff member whose items were all  stolen; even the food that he had  cooked (which he left and went to church) was carried away,” he noted.

According to him, these criminals usually burgle the dormitories and staff bungalows at a time that the students and teachers are in their classrooms for academic work.

“Outsiders come in; criminals come into the school and then destroy school property. Just this morning, one of our dormitories was forced opened and students’ items were taken away,” Mr Abdulai said.

The Assistant Headmaster explained that lack of a wall and inadequate number of security personnel to protect the school campus had made it easy for the criminals to carry out their attacks.

He said the school campus had become a thoroughfare for the people in the area, noting they criss-cross the campus even during school hours.

“And then intruders, people riding motorcycles and driving through the school during classes hours. It’s a major challenge to the school. People passing with motorcycles; in a day like this you come to the school it’s just like in the town, like market,” he said.

Although Mr Abdulai said the  authorities started to construct a wall around the school, they had not been able to finish it  due to how big the campus is and the amount of money required in completing the project.

Responding to the issues, the Northern Regional GES PRO, Donald Kanzoni Awaala, who was monitoring a fumigation and disinfection exercise in the school, said he would make a case for more security personnel to be employed for the school during GES recruitment.

Zoomlion bedbug intervention

The school authorities spoke about the incident when a team from Zoomlion Ghana Limited arrived at school on Thursday morning to fumigate and disinfect it against bedbug infestation and coronavirus..

The exercise forms part of the ongoing nationwide fumigation and disinfection of senior high and technical schools as well as special schools by the Ghana Education Service and the waste management giant, Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

Currently schools in the Northern and North East regions are being fumigated and disinfected. 

These include TAMASCO, Ghana Senior High School (Ghanasco), Business Senior High School (BISCO), Buipe SHS, Nalerigu SHS and Buipe Vocational Technical School.

*Fumigation exercise applauded

Mr Abdulai has lauded the fumigation exercise, which, he said,  would go a long way to protect the students and give them  peace of mind when they returned to school.

He commended the Zoomlion Ghana Limited and the GES and appealed to the  government to periodically undertake such massive fumigation exercise to ensure that the blood-sucking  insects which had become a major problem in schools across the country were eliminated.

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