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Mrs. Agnes Naa Momo Lartey, NDC Krowor PC donating items to Lekma Polyclinic with Mr Willinda Wradi Bortey Constituency chairman in support

We’ve touched over 7000 lives •Krowor NDC PC says, calls for change of LEKMA Polyclinic name



THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC)  Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the Krowor Constituency, Mrs Agnes Naa Momo Lartey, is calling for the change of the name of the public health post at Nungua from Lekma Polyclinic to Kroma Polyclinic.

While appealing to those in leadership position to consider this proposal with immediate effect,

Mrs Lartey said she felt disheartened  anytime she saw the facility which was started some seven years ago, when she was the Presiding Member (PM) of the then Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA).

But after Krowor Municipal Assembly (KroMA) had been cut out, the NDC-PC said, it would be appropriate those in leadership take urgent steps in changing the name of the polyclinic to fit current jurisdiction.

“I expected it (change of name) as soon as like yesterday. I think that is something that people have overlooked, that is why when I was speaking I poured it out. It is not like people are thinking about it now, but it is a need that has to be attended to (by) whatever they need to know. Whatever processes they need to go through to ensure that the name change happens, they have to do it.”

She added that, “it would have been good for the leadership of the assembly to have added it (name change of the clinic) to their independence, moving away from LEKMA to KroMA.

They should have added it to their basic necessity that the name change from the polyclinic is done. We are hoping that they will do it as soon as possible.

“My heart bleeds”

Mrs Lartey,  said she felt “very disheartened” anytime she sees the facility in its current form, “because I remember very well what I went through when we didn’t have this public health facility.

“Every day, when I woke up as a Presiding Member, some people kept calling that they needed a health post. Fortunately or unfortunately, it took a while in coming…and finally we were able to phase it out and did it from our resources. This is  where it is now.”

She stated that, “any leader who is passionate about the  town or about the constituency Krowor will come in and support to make sure that it is completed with a mortuary but nothing like that has been done , not a single block has been added to what we left.

When I see it anytime I passed by, my heart bleeds and so it is only appropriate for me to remind them in the wake of this Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’ve touched over 700 lives”

Mrs Lartey, who made this call while presenting  Covid-19 items to the clinic and the Nungua Orphanage Home, said “from the beginning (Covid-19 era) till now, we have attended to over 7000 people,” adding that “this is not an exaggeration of the figure, but it is rather underplaying of the figure and everybody in town can attest to this.

“I don’t just go, take cutlass and cut yam and share for people. I don’t just package cooked yam and share to people. I take my time. From my little pocket, I package it into what l would enjoy myself if someone were to give me. If it is gari and beans, it is the raw state of it, and it is well packaged in a manner that you can sell it or export it internationally,” she stated.

“That is what I do for the people because that is what they deserve, the best of services. I have served people in various ways and as and when I get the resources, I go further and help them. It doesn’t have to be a big need  I found people making fun of basic needs, and I have seen people did worsen that which  they thought was the worse. In crisis like this, every little food item is valuable to the people.”


The items included rice, cooking oil, tin tomatoes, Veronica buckets, liquid soap, Jumbo tissues, sachet water and hand sanitizers.

The recipients, in their separate speeches, thanked  the NDC candidate and wished her well in her as she prepared for election 2020.

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