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Mr Nichiren Appiah Buadi

Be open-minded about re-opening of schools •Concerned tutor to teacher unions



A CONCERNED tutor of Wesley Grammar Senior High School under the Ghana Education (GES), Mr Nichiren Appiah Buadi, has expressed concern about the posture of  teacher unions regarding the government’s plans on re-opening schools should the need be, saying they “should get things straight.”

On Tuesday, the Pre-tertiary Education Unions warned the government against any plans in the immediate term by the GES to reopen schools.

The unions noted that they would not subscribe to the re-opening of the schools should President Akufo-Addo decide not to extend the May 31, 2020 deadline for the ban on public and social gatherings to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as such go ahead to order the re-opening of the schools.

But Mr Buadi, a tutor himself, in a message, said“ In this situation of schools re-opening, open mindedness must be brought to bear on the discussion, devoid of personal sentiments garnished with extreme sensationalism.”

“I think all the safety precautions will be brought to bear in any decision. Mind you, we can never constantly confine ourselves to this situation and the earlier we come to terms with it the better.”

He explained that “you sit home and take your full salary as a teacher in a public school due to a pandemic (fine, because it’s no one’s fault and no one can blame you for that) but when the government ask you to suggest ways of reopening schools, you rather give reasons why schools should not be re-opened.  In any case we all know the reasons why schools are closed now, what we do not know are the measures we can put in place to get back to normal…

I don’t want to believe that the Teacher Unions and  National Parents Teachers Association are implying that we should get to the crossroads first before we sit on a roundtable to decide on what to do. If that is their thinking, then that will not be far from irresponsibility and indecision.”

Mr Buadi, a political scientist, said, “Mind you, the government is not saying schools should open at all cost but is asking for measures to adopt if we get there. We will surely or certainly get there one day and it’s only wise to plan ahead.

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